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  1. Anyone know of any good tamagotchi-selling groups? I know Tbay has been gone for years now and idk this site's current policies on openly asking about buying/selling tamas... I've been looking for a v4.5 with a specific shell for years now and I'm not sure where to look

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    2. OldSchoolVPQ


      Seconding Buy and Sell, I've had good experiences there so far...but the prices can be outrageous! 

    3. PurplePyonkotchi00!


      thanks so much! i'll try to check them out sometime! I haven't used facebook since I was like 12 so hopefully I can do it lol

    4. Penguin-keeper


      @PurplePyonkotchi00! - iTamannadi and OldSchoolVPQ have got you covered here, but regarding policies about buying and selling between members, it's a no-go - it's just not possible for forum volunteers to police such things like proper sales sites/groups can. The question comes up every now and then, and though Tbay was closed before my time here, that's my understanding about why it was removed. ;)