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  1. I've never played a japanese connection device before (only japanese vintage and color versions) but I've always wanted to get an akai or a uratama. The different colored pixels look so cool!
  2. Not gonna lie, I really like this version of the packaging much more than the America version of the packaging. It reminds me a lot of the packaging for the plus color and iD... I really wish America got this version instead lol
  3. ahhh yikes... that's kind of what i was afraid of. technology that tries cool but unnecessary features like this usually never turns out good (like apple products LMAO). I wonder if they'll come out with a wave 2 of the pix that fixes this issue, kind of like with the tamago and it's weird plastic faceplate cover? Still, the touch buttons is a unique concept but I hope next time they try it it can be executed better. Speaking of which though, the last tamagotchi device that i used that had touch controls was the tama profy device. The touch screen there was a little janky and you had to press down pretty hard for it to register, but for a cheap lcd screen toy it worked pretty well. I wonder how it compares to the pix? Hoping I can get a pix sometime and see how it compares to it lol
  4. sorry to hear about your situation... I think tape would be your best bet. Though maybe you could try something like sticky tack to secure the backplate to the tamagotchi? But I'm not sure how well that would work out since I've never tried that for myself. hope you can find a solution that works!
  5. one of my friends has a pix, they said that the batteries have run low super fast. in only 3 days the batteries were too low to use the camera function... has anyone else had something like this happen? do the batteries run out super fast on the pix for anyone else? I'm really considering getting one, but i dont know if i'd be able to keep up with it like that if the batteries run out so quick
  6. ahhhh i want a pix so bad but i dont have the money 😭

    1. Princess Lovelitchi

      Princess Lovelitchi

      I totally feel you, I'm trying to wait and see if the prices go down any before I get one lol

  7. my favorite is definitely kikitchi (the 2nd tamagotchi movie made him a HUGE favorite for me), but other favorites of mine include lovelitchi, arukotchi, ginjirotchi, and probably several others that im forgetting LMAO
  8. v6! it's technically the first ever tama I've ever owned, so I'm very nostalgic to it. It's super complicated to raise a tama successfully on it (thanks to the pro debut thing, limited money, and also the stress meter) but I find it to be a fun challenge
  9. Yeah it feels like another 4u/p's situation... I think the worst part about the 4U for me was the fact that so much of the downloadable content was only in japan at specific dlc stations, which really sucks for anyone not in japan. all I hope is that the prices for the tamasma cards don't skyrocket like the p's pierces did
  10. i have so many feelings on this (GOOD FEELINGS THOUGH) but man im so hyped for this!! two whole new color tamagotchis being released in the same year, and both look super fun and promising... we're really getting spoiled for this anniversary this year also I really love the new characters, they kind of remind me of connection-era character designs and it makes me happy to see tamagotchi go back to having wacky looking characters again (though I love the cutesy ones too dont get me wrong) If i could save up enough money for it, I'm really tempted to get both this and the pix just to compare and contrast them, it would be fun to raise both at once
  11. im too busy to try to start a thread myself but did anyone else see the tamagotchi smart announcement?? im losing my mind over it

    1. Tamacass


      wait WHAT

      checking this right now

    2. Klonoa13


      I JUST saw it myself earlier. Pretty amazing actually!

  12. https://tamapalace.tumblr.com/post/653448509368958976 so the pix's manual got posted apparently, looks promising! I like the idea of ordering your tama food, and the babysitter costing money is an interesting choice.
  13. my brother had one very similar to that, he had the pocket kitty! i dont think there's much info on them bc last i remember he said they arent really documented well... i believe that screen might be the death screen? If so, i think all you can do is just reset it. I remember my brother's pocket kitty was kind of glitchy and never wanted to restart properly though. Not sure how much of a help I can be since I'm not the one who actually owned it, but I hope you can fix your problem eventually! Its really cool to see someone else own this same kind of obscure virtual pet
  14. i feel ya, as much as i dont care for the nanos, i feel like i'd be more likely to like them if they did crossovers with any franchise i enjoyed or was at leats more familiar with. i know that if they ever reboot the doraemon tamagotchi as a nano, then im definitely gonna try to get one LMAO speaking of which, I don't know if it's been talked about or not but they recently announced a BTS tamagotchi nano crossover... i don't really care for kpop so I'm uninterested, but it kinda shows that tamagotchi/bandai is really shooting for big franchises (does bts count as a franchise??? idk)
  15. Ive already said it before but the animation is so smooth, I love it! I'm actually really impressed by the camera, I can't tell if the video is highly edited to look better but that camera quality is WAY better than what I was expecting. and the fact that it's able to detect colors apparently?? that's pretty awesome, i just hope it works as good in person as it does in the footage.
  16. anyone know how much money the english version of the idl would go for today? I remember years ago my brother bought one for $90, but now on ebay all I see for sale is the japanese version. not looking to sell it bc its obviously not mine lol but I was curious about what it might be worth nowadays

    1. iTamannadi


      I remember I bought one around $200 two years ago! You would expect their prices to be high because they are not that common unlike the Japanese ones. 

    2. TamaLey


      No idea either, when they first came out I got mine for $80, my friend helped me and I paid 40 and she paid 40. It's nice but had a glitch I remember that prevented me from unlocking everything. :(

  17. yooooo thats awesome! god that reminds me how its been way too long since i last touched acnh.... my island is probably a wreck
  18. Personally I'm uninterested in the nanos (mostly bc I dont care much for the franchises they're crossing over to, and the simplicity of the device. just personal taste really) but I'm pretty interested in tamagotchi having a crossover with a franchise as big as star wars ^^^ I'm with you there, I'm genuinely surprised at how tamagotchi is able to keep pulling this off. crossover city babyyyy