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  1. Sorry for not posting for so long! I now have a new pet called Alyssa. Alyssa: Hi! My names Alyssa! I'm a 0 year old Hitodetchi who pl;ays the harp and in in the asian music genre. Me: Alyssa, your MUCH more behaved than the others! Alyssa: I have homework, bye tama talkers! Alyssa is currently playing with her panda toy after finishing off her homework. Alyssa used to be in the genre: hip-hop. She weighs 10lbs and is in gen 1 (I restarted) At school the next day: Alyssa: Aww bye Mom, I'll miss you! Me: Bye sweetie! I'll miss you too! Alyssa: Hello Tama talkers! today I'm going to show you what school is like for a tamagotchi first, I have english, but tama english is different fom human english. We have pixelated books, we use our fingers to write, with pixelated ink! Next, I have math, it's basically the same as human world math. Art is acting and drama, sometimes drawing with our fingers! We have a lot more classes and school starts at 8:30 am and finishes at 3:30 pm.
  2. Well technally it's not a special day but... The day after the queens birthday
  3. I'm 10 and I weigh 33 kilos thats 72 lbs and btw 2 weeks ago I put on 3 kilos in like 5 days o.o
  4. Me daring one of my friends to yell out "I'm a weirdo," and them actually doing it! xD
  5. Wanting to listen to the songs 'Dynomite, Girlfriend, Innocent and What doesn't kill you (stronger)
  6. Wanting to listen to the songs 'Dynomite, Girlfriend, Innocent and What doesn't kill you (stronger)
  7. I love sweet stuff and eat it all the time and I'm nearly underweight!
  8. O positive but in my Mom's side of the familiy everyone's A positive..
  9. A few weeks ago out P.E teacher decided to put the radio on and the song I'm se*y and I know it came on the radio when a certain part of the song came up the 2 people on the couch didn the 'genie'. More to come.