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  1. Helloooo everyone! My brother reset my tamagotchi > So I have to start again. He also pressed reset so I can't download.. This is what happened... I left my tamagotchi on my desk and when I came back, my brother had it with a pencil and my id l open... *beeep!* and thats where I said "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" and scolded him. Well it's a girl.. and I named her.. Katsumi. cause i lurve that name.
  2. Okay.. well um.. I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is.. I returned my ID and I feel really bad for the seller. (I have a soft spot y'know.) Well you know how it wasn't new.. it was bothering me and something kinda broke off? I dunno. GOOD BYE DAICHI WAAAAAHHH. Anyways the good news is I just got my new ID L! So I'll be logging on it now. It matches my tamagotchi nano :DD but i just feel so bad for the sellerr WAAAAHHHHHH *sniff* LETS START LOGGING! ~Nyan nyan nyan nyan ni hao nyan, goujasu derishasu dekaruchaaa!~ I got dat stuck in mah head. Ok so first Daitchi (yeah in honor of Daichi. but with the tamagotchi tchi!) He was a Yuropatchi, and now he's a Kaubotchi! He's some pictures (well 2) Theres my ID L and my nano :DD And theres Daitchi! :DD
  3. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. Camera's not working. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah so no pictures today. Monpatchi evolved into Kuchipatchi. derp no kikitchi. Daichi keeps coming up to the screen but I dont understand what he's saying.. and i think it was calling me. I DONT KNOOWWW. and my friendship level was full.. so im guessing the next two locations unlock when daichi grows older I got Ta and Ma and To letters for Daichi. thank you binary's topic xDDD now I have to wait 2 more days until I'll get the Mo.
  4. OK so Daichi evolved in to Monpatchi! the horrible teen character.. uhm... AS EXPECTED! My path to Kikitchi awaits. Who knew I had gotten that many care misses? When ever I go to sleep I set the time to 7:59 PM, but then in the middle of the night it calls to me. I check the time and all of a sudden its 6:00 AM. not sure if thats a glitch or it accidentally changes. blargh. pictures will be later this night. OK so new plan, max the friendship level and then it wont call me. yeah.
  5. IT'S HERE!!!! IM SO PUMPED. i literally had a vision that it would be here. my nano was going crazy cause i havent been taking care of it lately, since im so excited for my id!! ok ok ok ok i decided to get outta bed coz im so lazy and then i went to check the mail (i checked the mail everyday hoping that it would be here earlier) and I FOUND A BOX AND IM LIKE OMG IS THIS IT. AND IT WAS AND I WAS LIEK ERMAHERD. its green and im taking pictures right now. I got a boy. WHO CARES THIS ID IS AWESOME. I set it up and I randomly put japanese characters for my user. I played some games with him ( which will be named.. Daichi. BOOM ) I had no idea what to do but then i figured it out and im like OHHHHHHHHHHH... will edit edit: heres the pics there he is sleeping OwO

    1. nyle9009


      Whatd u get?

    2. tamaninjacat


      I'm so happy for you! Have fun with your ID!

    3. nyle9009


      Yay! Have fun with it!


  8. rainy and stuff, worried about my id getting here. lots of roads closed :(

    1. nyle9009


      Oh no! hope you get it!!

  9. vceb\BGRBI8C JYIU well that was an epic fail with my fist. vgazn bxvgfmjnfvg cb hn another epic fail with my chin
  10. Ami got married!! To Kuromametchi!!!! Dang, I was only at 4th place. I took some pictures, I'll transfer them later. I think this one is a guy this time. I only have girl toys... will he be gay O.O
  11. AWWWWWH YEAH IT'S SHIPPED. THE BEST PART IS I FOUND OUT IT'S POSSIBLE TO GET IN LESS THAT 2 WEEKS. but the thing is i have a heck load of exams that i have to do this week until i get dat id. DAT ID. Anyways I think I'll be logging mah nano. (Why is there no color nano, why.) Ok wait a sec, just gotta get it, and mah screw and put sum battries in et. wait just realized that the nano doesnt need a screwdriver. ALRIGHT! TO THE TAMA POINT! wait let me just switch computers and I'll edit. Edit: Alright, I'm back, Just need to upload them to like photobucket or something and I'll be ready to go. OH GOD thats HUGE. anyways thats mah boy, aaand Theres Ami! (Memetchi) and if you're wondering why she's a cat, well i put her in a costume.
  12. Not sure if there's already a topic for this but, what's the difference between an Tamagotchi ID and an ID-L? any different features or something? Please comment!!
  13. Hello again! I'm back on mah mac. (hah that rhymes) but seriously, MacBook Pro. Anyways the ID has shipped! I'm SOO SO SOSO SOSOSOSOSOSOOSOSOOOOOOOO worried that it might be broken or scratched really bad or.. not even working. I've been looking at the pictures lately and I've realized that theres many minor scratches and scrapes.. it doesnt show on the screen when it's turned on so that may not be a problem. But the ones outside may be :I I don't know why I was stupid enough to get that one, but anyways it'll probably be how it turned out since my brother is really curious. I'M LOCKING DAT TAMA IN A SAFE, YO. I think I'll be able to live with it. So stupid.. why didn't I get a new one.. like an english one.. I was going to buy another one but I realized it looked MUCH MUCH worse, scratches everywhere and I like green. (yesh, I did get a green one) ashlksdfhaldfgasdf I CAN'T WAIT!! I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL MIN JULY 1ST! Anyways, Ami's getting fat :I MORE GAMES!!
  14. Okay, first day of logging. I'm getting an ID-L soooooon so I'll be DEFINITELY logging that one here. Hopefully it's still in good condition cause I bought it on eBay "used"... I've seen many eBay horror stories! -shiver- they give me nightmares. Anyways I'm only running my V6 right now. I have still failed as a parent. Erm.. Hunger: ♥♥♥ Happy: ♥♥♥♥ Age: 2 Stress: 00 Weight: 39lbs (too lazy to play games //shot) Tone: 251 Rhythm: 296 Original: 281 It's a Memetchi.. which means I guess gave it bad care :I Well atleast it's not a Masktchi.. shouldn't those characters be males? Aahh, I can't stop thinking about my ID!! BLARAJKSDASDKFL. I keep checking my email to see if they sent it even though I just bought it on eBay today. I'M CHECKING AGAIN. GAAAH NOT SENT YET. Wait, wait.. checking again!
  15. Hello beautiful world of tamagotchi.. people. I'm "kinda" back! I just made this log because I'm bored and I want to do something. So this is what this something is. I have my Music Star running, last time I had it, it was dying of stress and I had no idea how to fix that :I Now I do! And just so you know I won't be posting that much. (Cause I'll probably forget or something, also expect reeeaaaalllly long breaks) This log will probably end up failing xD but I'll try to keep on going! Wish me luck!