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  1. Thanks! Good to know. Any idea if its possible to get them cheap?
  2. Hey! I'm interested in getting the 4u (i just found out it existed yesterday bc i've been out of the loop) I found the 4u for a decent price on amazon, but the NFC cards are crazy expensive on ebay. 20-30$ each! Seems pretty insane to me. I'm wondering if anyone knows of somewhere better to get them from? Also, are the cards reusable? As in could I buy one that someone else used already off of them for a lesser price? Would totally appreciate some help thanks! Katie
  3. I know most of the good spots for anime and Japanese import games which is where I can usually find stuff for cheap, but just wanted to know if someone besides myself had ever looked there. Elizabeth Mall and J$R across the street Theres a ton of japanese, korean, and chinese stuff in china town. you just have to know where to look outside the tourist spots.
  4. Does anyone know of somewhere in china town or flushing to buy Tamagotchi P's? I know I've seen old music stars in one place on elizabeth in China Town, but I'm not into those. I already have a Pink IDL and a Princess Spacey....prob should sell one of those lol Can't keep up with them both and work. Thanks!
  5. yea mine came scratched too. the princess not as much as the others, but still its obnoxious
  6. michaels crafts lol that pic looks terrible though lol its prettier in person
  7. Are you going to order any of the So so Happy jackets? :) They're really nice quality and super fun... I also watched a couple of your Youtube videos and just wanted to say I think you're really beautiful.

    1. Katelyn Turchiano

      Katelyn Turchiano

      I'm thinking about it! My phone just fell and broke though so i need 600$ for a new one (I HATE CELL PHONE COMPANIES) so i have to buy that first then i can think about the jackets

      But thanks for the compliment!!!!

  8. Seriously hate you for posting this site. Now I want every friggin sweatshirt on there.... once i sell my tokidoki stuff and my blue IDL I'm soooo getting one...or two! Thanks for sharing that!
  9. woah I didn't know gigs came in color....cool I got my princess in the mail and sold my used IDL good day overall Only one blue left to sell and I'm in the clear. Unfortunatly my agetchi left me this morning she was 10 today I get some more of my birthday presents in the mail
  10. Oooo yes it really does! Where did you get the self stick pearls?
  11. Since I bling almost everything I own, i've been thinking about blinging out my pink IDL anyone else do it? If so SHOW MEEEEE yes I've googled and seen a few
  12. I got a wig in the mail! Too bad it wasn't what it was supposed to be and I Have to send it back. And my bf got his xbox live card from UPS
  13. I liked your video too thank you! I actually broke down and bought it. I'm just hoping my two IDLs sell lol
  14. eeeee! I can't wait to get one! I hope these blue IDLs of mine sell lol Which seller was that from and how long did it take? Thanks for the video!!!!!