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  1. yes more figures in the stats screeni now have 6 connetced =D
  3. Cant Find it Rainbow Dash,Pinkie Pie,Twilight Sparkle,Fluttershy or Rarity
  4. You need 2 figures 1 from your tama-go you got with and the other that you bought NOTE: you must have connected both before starting this 1.connect the figure you bought, wait till it says "Welcome" 2. un-connect it and quickly connect the one you started 3.go to the shop in the figure you bought, the screen should freeze. 4.when you enter the shop buy 1 thing as you should (NOTE2: if you have over 9999 you will loose you points,if you have more then that then you'll have to buy food from the tama-go shop with the door) 5.go back to your stats and you'll have an extra figure attached if it doesn't work try it again, it worked for me, i had 3 figures and it says 4
  5. my tama is now 5 yr old and i had it on the PC screeen
  6. /<link=>name="£££@</
  7. it's a tama-go, i log it on to every 9 hours
  8. i checked and it's age is 1 yr and it's a adult. the age should be 2 or 3
  9. Person who posts next is the noob and loser
  10. 1.i put new batterers in's unpaused (there's not my image with the word "paused" underneath)'s a tama-go's still a child 5.i tried reseting and waiting a full day and it's not grown 6.the age is 8 yrs old, and it's a child?(child age is 0-1)'s the 1st gen 8.friendship is full is 3 lines full idk why my tamagotchi is not evolving -EDIT- it evolved to Chuchutchi -OFF TOPIC- if you want to find me on, im AD9951 and on it i have over 50mil pts