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  1. Hey im quitin this account for good. My new one is The Frosted ChoMametchi. love my friends byebye!

  2. I prefer regular tamas. I hate going important plces and my tamgotchi calling me at the most in convienant times... with regular tamas i can pause it or set the clock to make it fall asleep...
  3. Loops sorry I was gone but yea that's fine
  4. Since next month is sa special month for me lets hatch any special edition tamagotchi on august 6th(next week) at 2:30 pm. "what are special edition tamagotchis?": gold v3, gold v4, gold v4 mall edition,ura tama,uratama 10th anniversery,v4.5 pc pack,angelgotchi,devil gotchi,id l 15th,princess spacey,tamagotchi oceans,akai plus,akai plus toys r us version,v4 glow in the dark,v5.5 royal familitchi etc. any questions comment below. happy hatching Gold v3 Gold v4 Gold v4 mall edition Ura tama Uratama 10th anniversary V4 Glowin the dark V4.5 pc pack Angelgotchi Devilgotchi IDL 15th anniversary Princess Spacey Oceans Akai plus Akai plus Toys R Us version Royal/Celebritchi v5.5
  5. So with the help of gozarutchis ninja skills he broke lovelitchi out."lets go free the chamametchi at the house on the next block!" screamed lovelitchi.
  6. she wanted to make potatto salad muffins so she chopped off the snails head
  7. one day chamametchi, young mimitchi ,young mametchi,and Their mom Chomametchi were making muffins. and chomametchi made the most colorful sprinley sparkly muffins and when chamametchi tried them she said "this sucks and it tastes like potato salad fart!" soooo the three children got out their secret recipe book...
  8. Okay my uratama is 13 years old but still an adult(ura mametchi) and i want to know when will the matchmaker will come
  9. ok so i have a ura tama and it just got a job now do i have to hit a certain icon to do my job or will it go to work by itself?i dont know because i dont read japanese
  10. Does anyone know how long it takes for a teenager to grow into an adult on the uratama
  11. So i was wondering what the fans think. Do you like the new tamagotchi characters or the old ones or what i like to call "halfway" (entama, uratama, v1-v5.5[i consider v6 new]). Also if you like characters that have old and new designs call them: new mametchi or old chomametchi. Also please be respectful of others opinions and add me as a friend Have Fun!