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  1. I didn't strip them and I stopped trying with the knife pretty quickly. I kept trying with the smallest screwdriver I have but it won't even fit into the grooves I'll just have to buy some really small screwdrivers then. It still baffles me that they use screws THAT small. And I thought the newer Tamas had small ones
  2. My friend gave me his Tamagotchi Ocean and Tamagotchi Angel for free and I am so happy :D

  3. I just recently acquired these two Tamas and the screws are MINISCULE. I didn't know screws were even made that small. I have a bunch of small screwdrivers that I've used for my newer Tamagotchi models, but I don't have any small enough for these two. If you all don't use a screwdriver to open the back, what do you use? I've had no luck trying to use a knife.
  4. This reminds me a lot of Tamagotchi mixed with a teensy bit of Animal Crossing. It looks really polished and fun though!
  5. Just started running my pretty Keitai Akai :D

  6. Just made a new icon B)

  7. Well now we know that the Tamagotchi Friends device is coming this year to the US, so it obviously wasn't bad for this app to be released (nor the Angel one coming soon)! ARE YOU ALL READY FOR THE FIRST NEW TAMA IN FOUR YEARS?!
  8. I love Tamas and I'm 17! I haven't played with them in a bit but I think I'm gonna start up my Ketai Akai again soon Last year I took my Tamas around a lot and a bunch of my friends would look at them and play with them. It was pretty great
  9. I have an iPhone 4S right now too! I really want to upgrade it to a Nokia Lumia Icon if they would ever release it. My iPhone's battery is really terrible and only lasts for like 3-4 hours on a full charge with some good use during the day. I hope that the Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. app will be released for Windows Phone D: If not I may be going back to my iPhone from time to time heh
  10. I need to start playing with my Tamas again D:

  11. I've had a thought about this that I wanted to share. This could very well be a way to raise funds for a new Tamagotchi. Maybe Bandai doesn't have the trust to see if another Tamagotchi will be a success and won't allow people working with the Tamagotchi line to have enough money for a new Tamagotchi virtual pet product. This could very well be a way to get enough money for the people working with Tamagotchi to release another one! This is all speculation, however. We don't have any idea what could come out of this yet
  12. I'll start. Just add as much as you feel you can add. Mimitchi woke with a start. She found herself looking at the same home she'd woken to see for several years. However, it was eerily quiet. She usually would hear the normal sounds of her owner's--and friend's--family moving around the house by now. She patiently waited for her pal to wake up and give her food, because she was awfully hungry. She waited a few hours and the time never came. She became steadily hungrier and unhappier. The house stayed quiet and lifeless. The only light that Mimitchi could use to see was coming from the small window in her friend's room. She knew that that light wouldn't be there all day.
  13. In order to protect mine, I put it in a DS case and wrapped in a soft cloth. You can do this until you get some sort of case for the iD L, or you could just keep doing it! It works very well for me, and since it's a hard case, I don't have to worry much about anything bad happening to it if I happen to drop the case.
  14. Whoops; on my first post, I wrote Teikai Akai instead of Keitai Akai. Anyway, does anyone know? I really just don't have any idea. I just find it strange that I can't find it anywhere.