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  1. The image is a placeholder for the Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town. When you order it off Hot Topic's website, you will receive a random shell/design. There's no option to choose which one you want, which is why I went to a store and bought them in person.
  2. Hottopic called me on Thursday and left a message saying the Tamagotchi Friends were in. I picked them up yesterday. I bought the 3 designs they had in stock: Green Leopard Gem, Kira Kira Gem & Pink Lace Gem. Hottopic's current sale is buy one get one 50% off. Since I bought 3 and there wasn't a 4th design for me to choose from; I ended up buying an Olaf Sunshade for my car that I'd been eyeing for sometime, which I got for free.
  3. Happy belated Birthday, Tamatalk! I've only been a member of Tamatalk for 3 years, but a lover of Tamagotchi since 1998. I'm 29 years old right now. 11 years ago, I was 18 and just graduated high school. I feel old. lol.
  4. So excited! I preordered a light purple and baby pink! Sadly the sky blue was on order stop
  5. I guess Bandai wasn't really confident on this version either or they're testing the waters to see if they should ship more to Hot Topic. The Hot Topic sales girl I talked to is a Tamagotchi fan and remembered having one back in the 90's. We talked for a while about Tamagotchi Friends and I mentioned Bandai America making a color screened tama and that seemed to spark her interest.
  6. I went to my local Hot Topic last weekend, it's about 30 minutes away from where I live. I asked if they had any Tamagotchi Friends and I was told they got 5 Tamagotchi Friends first came out. Only 5? That seems like a really small amount. The girl told me they sold out pretty quickly though. The reason is that people saw them, got nostalgic and bought them on the spot. At least they're popular! But that was over a month ago. They haven't gotten any other shipments of Tamagotchi Friends yet. I was told that Hot Topic gets shipments of items Monday thru Friday. They took my name and phone number and said they would call me when they got a shipment of tamas in. The sales girl told me they would hold all of them for me so I could choose what colors I wanted. I haven't received any calls yet. Hopefully my local Hot Topic will get some in soon.
  7. Yesterday, I got a package from Yahoo Japan. My spoils include: Disney Dnya Animal Version, Konami Otoizm, Green Dinkie Dino, Purple Penpy Penguin, Series 1 & 2 Tamagotchi P's Cap Sets, 2 Vintage Tama Keychains, Tama Charms for Entama/Uratama, a Tama folder, 2 other Tama charms and a Dragon Ball Key Chain Light. Last weekend, the Tamagochan I won off ebay arrived. I'm so happy I was able to get this one~ I've been searching for a Tamagochan for ages. Back at the end of March, I got a package from Yahoo Japan. It included 2 Tama journals/binders, 3 sets of Vintage Tama Charms, an Entama, Sugarbunnies Color Scan Beep, New Cheeks Chan Bunny Version, Mame Game and my very first Mothra :3
  8. I haven't had time to post lately, but I got a lot of new things in the mail over the past month. 10/28 - Cherry Blossom V5 Halloween - My Package from CD Japan arrived! 11/3 - Hitorikko Fish 11/11 - Got my Kuchipatchi Ciao Entama, which completes my set of 3! 12/5 - My package from ThinkGeek came. I got a BTTF Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger, a D20 Dice Necklace and Big Dipper/Little Dipper Earrings. 12/8 - Yesterday, this beauty arrived in my mailbox. I was the lucky person to ninja bid on this V5.5 Prototype! Paid $26 for it. So beautiful ~
  9. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, too. The app does not work with it. And there's absolutely no way to make the app work with it either. What you described is exactly what happened to me and my smart phone. It became very frustrating to get "touch to beam" to work/function. I soon found out that it was no use. I caved and bought a used Nexus 7 2013 model on ebay. The tamagotchi's house changes when it comes in contact with another NFC device regardless of the app being in use.
  10. Did my Black Friday shopping at ThinkGeek, can't wait to get my swag :D

  11. I got both. It's been my tradition to get all the versions since I got both Ruby and Sapphire back in high school. So much nostalgia. I'm playing Alpha Sapphire at the moment. There are pixel graphics that are reused in this version from the original ruby and sapphire games. It'll still give you that sense of nostalgia. :3 You'll see what I mean when you play. If you have another 3ds you can trade from x/y to oras, but you might have to get the national dex first before you can transfer over your pokemon
  12. My little bunny Luna just passed away suddenly today. I'm just utterly devastated right now. Luna was my baby. I feel so empty. ;__;

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Oh no! D: Feel better soon :'c

    2. tamastar133


      OMG I'm so sorry to hear that ;n; RIP Luna~

    3. magicboa


      Sorry for your loss. Hugs.

  13. Lucky you! What a beautiful tama! Treasure it forever~ That's what I would do Um, where is the damage on the box? I looked at all the photos very carefully and it looks pretty flawless to me. Are you referring the the third photo of it in the plastic box that's tapped up that keeps the cardboard box safe? There's scratches on the plastic box if that's what you're referring to. I was thinking the same exact thing. The "Connexion" series is a European release, not Japanese. Very interesting.
  14. Have to split up my posts. Too many photos lol October 28th Star graduated from school. Mr. Turtle looks sad that she's leaving. Star got a [ ! ] letter from the Nazotchi Mailman. It was time for Star to choose her career. She applied to a few jobs but got rejected. The last one she applied to was the bank and she was hired on the spot. The Gotchi King came and gave her a suitcase. Star's Current Stats 4 YR 34 LB Skill Points Intellectual: 49 Arts: 22 Social: 25
  15. October 27 Star had evolved into the universal adult Masktchi Star wanted to try out the shovel that the Gotchi King gave her. She struck it rich and got a bag of money~ At one point I bought a wig from the shop and tried it on Star. It made her mask turn white. She also liked playing with the plant I bought for her too. Star's Current Stats 3 YR 30 LB Skill Points Intellectual: 46 Arts: 22 Social: 25