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  1. Puffy Snivy

    Casual Isabelle

    Oh I don't even know at this point what I'm doing. Oh it's a Casual Isabelle for whatever reason

    © Animal Crossing New Leaf belongs to Nintendo

  2. Puffy Snivy

    Alexander Rybak (Lyrics)

    I thought it sounded like "I'm in love, with a fairytale...) PS: Totally making a SKittles x Nate vid with this song. Also, here's a youtube vid for non-spotify users:
  3. Puffy Snivy

    Puffy's Dreamy Tama Log!

    Hello! Do you guys like my Lab Coat? Did you like your fruit jelly? It was yummy! And your robot? It was a great present! We have one more puzzle piece! Yay! But we need more gotchi! D: Let's play the games then! So... Ice cream soda, cherry on top, who's your boyfriend I forget! Is it A, B, C, D, E, F, G H, I, J, K, L, M- Melodytchi? o///////////////////o I was thinking Memetchi, or Mimitchi, but alas. Let's go with Melodytchi! What is the catching food game for? Slow ways to make money! I want ice cream. Would you buy me some? >u< Sure! **licks ice cream** I'm going to end this post. Byee! BIG SHOUTOUT TO KHIPMUNK, TAMAGOTCHIALICE, ORANDATCHI,PURPLEPYONKOTCHI00 AND EVERYONE ELSE FOR LIKING AND FOLLOWING MY LOG! You guys are so nice! ^u^
  4. Puffy Snivy

    Last Post Wins

  5. Puffy Snivy

    Write your username!

    Pugffgyy b sx juittrhgyh with mametchi gotchi figure.
  6. Puffy Snivy

    Puffy's Dreamy Tama Log!

    So her son, Spacyhime, is a toddler. He's green! Um... Hello! 'Ello. Um...May you feed me? Why of course! Can you play with me? Yep! May I please play with the computer? Go ahead. You're much better than your mother's attitude. **blushes** Nyeh...You're boring me and the readers. :33 orly yarly :33 so should we end this Sure! :33 Byee! See ya! I stillmiss Choco. DO you?
  7. Puffy Snivy

    Puffy's Dreamy Tama Log!

    Well, Choco has a bf~ So she's spending her time with a Spacytchi! SHe's a Himespetchi! And they got married... Picture tribute to choco and her husband Spacye! She also got 2 puzzle pieces! It was adorable <3 Her son (SpacyHime) Is asleep... :c IN MEMORY OF CHOCO
  8. Puffy Snivy

    Puffy's Dreamy Tama Log!

    Okay, I have to make this quick. Here's a picture of Choco! I will blow you away with my cuteness. >;D
  9. Puffy Snivy

    Puffy's Dreamy Tama Log!

    tChoco evolved! She's a Nokobotchi! THAT MEANS I'M BEAUTIFUL. > But I changed you. You're intelligent now. DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:< What. FEED ME. >:v You're full. PAINT MEEEE! >:} You're painted grey now, little Miss Karkat. THIS GREY IS UGLY. D:< You look better pastel. THANK YOU FOR SEEING IT MY WAY. >:{ For once, we agree on something, Lil' Kar. Really? >:I Yep. DUMBO. >:PP HEY, LITTLE MISS KARKAT. Can we end this now? Yes. Buh-bai, idiots~ LITTLE MISS KARKAT! Oh um, byeee!
  10. Puffy Snivy

    Puffy's Dreamy Tama Log!

    YOU SAID WE WERE DONE! >:? For that entry. BUY ME MOAR STUFF. >:v I bought you a Patchi doll. IT'S CUTE THANK YOU >:> Let's play games. UGH FINE SURE. >:U We have 4420 G already? o: YES DUMBO. Little Miss Karkat, Little Miss Karkat, nanananana! HEY DON'T MAKE ME MAD $TSSshGBUFTr5esaladufhriufyhi4u3yr478r V:< Salad is in there. FEED ME. Ugh, sure. I THINK THIS ROOM IS UGLY GIMME NEW PAINT >:Y Ugh, fine, Lil' Kar. Ah... THIS MELODY BATHROOM IS PERFECT. CAN WE END THIS NOW? >:U Sure. GET OUT OF MY FACE. Don't mind her, bye bye! ^u^
  11. Puffy Snivy

    last person to post wins :]

    stats digging grave for this topic
  12. Puffy Snivy

    Puffy's Dreamy Tama Log!

    Well, nothing really happened... Choco's still a Terubotchi... I'M HAPPY BUY ME STUFF >:7 Okay, fine... WAIT WHY ARE YOU A FASHIONISTA I SHOULDN'T HAVE BOUGHT YOU THAT MIRROR. BUY ME THAT COMPUTER I'LL BE SMART >:v But we'll have to play LOTS of games to make back the money. Deal? I DON'T CARE JUST BUY IT FOR MEEEE >:{ Let's test your computer, Little Miss Karkat. HEY I'M NOT KARKAT I'M CHOCO ASDFHJKL;' D:< How many images and messages did you get....? Fifty Million. O___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________O THAT'S A LONG MOUTH. >=D Ready for those games? UGH FINE HAVE IT YOUR WAY BURGER KING >:T We won one game so far! 3 Games now! 4 games! Wedone yet? Not even close. CAN YOU REPAINT ME THIS PINK IS UGLY D: Ugh, sure. Don't tell me you liked that pink. >:? I didn't. Now you're dark grey. I don't want to do this anymore. CAN WE END THIS ALREADY >:V Fine. Byyeee
  13. Puffy Snivy

    Ask Puffy.

    liek ttly gurl i liek mudkipz