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  1. I am so, so sorry I could not post yesterday. I can assure you, I bit her several times. Yeah, you did. Anyway, I still have no pictures. I took some, but I can't get them up here. So, terribly sorry. You should be! I wanted them to see ME!!! I am GORGEOUS!!! I know, I know. I have broken a promise. But I will make a new promise: As soon as I can get them up here, I will. I swear. Hopefully that will only be a few days, a few weeks tops. But, can you Google stuff and put it on? Maybe. I guess those would work as pictures for now... Cool! Get pictures of us! Yeah, those can be in color, at least! Here we go! I hope this counts as pictures for now! This is a Kuromametchi. That's you, Kisshu! Yeah, I'm pretty cool, aren't I? Kisshu has basically lived off of pork and beans, pizza, pudding, and Long Jumper lately. I've been busy. Now one of me!!! Oh boy beep bop!!! **IMAGE REMOVED BY ADMIN** This is a Young Androtchi and the sprite! That's you, Daiki!!! Beep boop bop beep! (Robot for I am gorgeous!) Daiki has been on pause, so he has not evolved yet. On that note, Kisshu is on pause, too, so he won't be getting married anytime soon. Good! Daiki has been playing Jumping Rope and Shape in his free time and eating (obviously) more scones. Beep beep! (Robot for They are way better than omelets!) Daiki, no one can understand your Robot Language. Bleep bop, beep! (Robot for But I am putting up a translation!) Oh well. Again, I will put up pictures of the Tamas as soon as possible. They will be on tonight, so let's hope Daiki evolves and Kisshu gets married!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bop beep! (Robot for See you tomorrow!) See you tomorrow... Bop bop beep! (Robot for I just said that!) ...If she remembers...
  2. SOOOOO BORED...........

    1. TicTax


      tamachat ;D

  3. I loved TamaTown for my V4. Once the other Tamas came out, I thought they had just closed it down. But is working? Hmm... I think I will contact Bandai.
  4. Firstly, thank you for 146 views! Next, thank you for your feedback, ayan300! I PROMISE I will get pictures in as soon as possible! Lastly, its the last day of my spring break! How did this happen?!?!? Does this mean we are going to be... PAUSED?!?!? Yes, I'm so sorry! W-w-w-wait!!! Something's happening!!! Wha-??? What is it with you evolving during updates? I'm a Young Androtchi!!! Beep beep beep!!! Yay! Hey, I evolved yesterday, too! Yes, you did! But not into a Kuchipatchi. I'm a Kuromametchi, like my dad! Yeah, I was hoping you would be a Kuchipatchi, but, Kuromametchi is cool! This is the first time I've raised a Kuromametchi! Beep beep beep I am a robot!!! That's enough. Anyway, Daiki had more scones this morning and then went to school. I am a robot beep beep boop... Next, we played Jumping Rope- BEEP BEEP BEEP ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Kisshu. Again, thank you for your feedback, ayan300 and if you have feedback or questions, dont be afraid to PM me! I won't bite! I will bite her if she forgets pictures. But she won't I am a robot I can see the future she will not forget beep beep bop- Enough with the robot talk! .....beep. See you tomorrow! With pictures!
  5. Ok, my timing was wrong. Again. Akina left this morning. But, let's still have the party! Woo hoo! A party! For Akina, a cupcake! YUMMY CUPCAKES TASTY HAPPINESS *CRUNCH CHEW MUNCH CHOMP SWALLOW* You finished it in one bite? Mama's talented. Right. Akina, I will miss you for eternity. I remember when you were just a baby. The readers met you when you were an Ichigotchi, and then you evolved into a Memetchi... Wait a minute... Speaking of evolving...Daiki just evolved! I'm a Puchitchi! Lalalalalalala I better get going. Goodbye, onee-chan! Even though we now part ways, you will live forever in our hearts. Goodbye! *Sniff tear cry* Goodbye, Mama. Goodbye, my son. Oh, by the way, the Tamas said Fridays are too busy for them. They want to visit on Saturdays now. Wait... That means... HELLO, EVERYONE!!!!! Honey, don't cause a scene... It's a party! Let's go CRAZY!!!!!! Oh, Mika... You never grew up, did you? You should see her at home. Oh, how is it on Tamagotchi Planet? Yeah, I want to know! Well, we live in the most wonderful apartment building. Akina, you will live next to us, actually. YAY!!!! WOO HOO!!! Awesome party! Hi, Mama and Papa! Oh, Kisshu! What a handsome Kilalatchi you turned out to be! Oh, you are so CUTE! What do you want to evolve into, son? A Kuchipatchi! We should get going, actually. Come, we can show you the way. YAY!!! MY NEW APARTMENT ON TAMAGOTCHI PLANET!!! Goodbye! Bye! Ok, now to the update. Daiki and I had a lot of fun this morning. We played Jumping Rope and- CHEESE!!! Had a lot of scones! Yeah, you like scones, don't you? I LOVE scones! Yummyyumyumyumyum!!!! Ok. Anyway, Kisshu had pizza and pork and beans for breakfast and played Long Jumper. I had a lot of fun! So anyway, I am thinking of getting a new Tama. I was trying to decide between a Familitchi or a Music Star. Both are at the same price. Thank you,, for your advice! If you have your own opinion, please PM me! Thank you for reading and tune in tomorrow to see what Kisshu evolves into! I want to be a Kuchipatchi! Kuchipatchi is cool and green and awesome and cool and - That's enough. So- Please, SummerLuv621, please? Can I close the update? *Sigh* Sure. Have a great day, and see you tomorrow!
  6. The Legend of Korra premiers NOW!!!

    1. MagicMimitchi


      I just watched it! This show is pretty awesome and so is Korra! :D

  7. I had an Ichigotchi before thousands of times. That has never happened to me on my V4, but considering the condition you said it was in, it could just be an odd glitch. Babies on V4s weigh more than that, so I honestly doubt that little amount of weight would be intended.
  8. Ok, I have enough money for a new Tama. Both are at the same price. So, should I get the Familitchi or the Music Star?


      Depends on your schedule. If you're really busy, get the V5 (or famitama, but they're hard to find). If you have too much time on your hands, get a music star.

    2. xavplusplus


      I want to get a tamawalkie, famitama or color:) but I'd say famitama

  9. I went to Burger King earlier. Yummyyumyumyum!!!!!


      i like asian restaurants. yummy.

    2. memetchi <3

      memetchi <3

      Yum, Burger King. :) Though I prefer Wendys better. ;3

    3. SummerLuv621


      Yes, both asian restaurants and ihops are delicious. (the food, i mean.) :)

  10. 116 views! Thank you, thank you! Mama, who is she talking to? The magical people reading the tales of our ever so interesting lives! No way! People can see us? You'll get used to it after a while. Two big things today: 1.) If you read my mini update last night, (or now. Just scroll up) you would have seen that Akina got married to a handsome Togetchi! They had a son who I have named Daiki! Thank you, for the name examples and the website! I will be sure to use that from now on. 2.) Kisshu evolved into a Kilalatchi! Yeah, I'm pretty awesome. I'm pretty awesome, too. Mama is awesome. I'm more awesome! Without me, you would all still be in your packages sitting on the shelves in Target. Yes, just sitting, all lonely, never getting cupcakes, or hamburgers, or milk.... NO CUPCAKES??? NO HAMBURGERS??? NO MILK??? Yeah, you are the awesome-est. I don't think that's a word... CHEESE!!! Anyway, Kisshu had a hamburger and some ice cream this morning and then played both games. Then we went to the park and-CHEESE!!! Will you stop- CHEESE!!! Akina, really? That was... Umm... a cow. Right. Can I have dinner now because- CHEESE!!! - all this talk of cheese has made me hungry. Me too- CHEESE!!! STOP IT!!!!!!!! Yeah, well, my dinner is done now too, so that's all for this update! Tune in tomorrow for Akina's farewell party! (Because I think she leaves the next morning.) CHEESE!!! Wait, Mama's leaving? So, I will see you all tomorrow! Wait, I just want to know! Answer my question! Is Mama leav- *Post*
  11. 105 views on my log and Akina the Memetchi just had a son on my V4! Help me name him! I would like a Japanese name and the person with the best name will be mentioned on my log!


      i've used daiki, akira, and akio. aki works too. there are a bunch of names here:

  12. Hey just a quick update to inform you that the Matchmaker came! She brought Akina a handsome Togetchi and they got married! Now Akina has a son! Help me name him by PMing me or answering to my latest status! I will do a full update tomorrow where you can meet him! Stay tuned and see you tomorrow! (Just realized every sentence in this update ends in an exclamation point!)
  13. 92 views, 3 5-star ratings, and 1 follower! WOO-HOO!!! Thank you everyone! And now... the bon voyage extraveganza! Note: They actually left this morning, so Kisshu is an Ahirukutchi. Goodbye, Mama and Papa! Bye, Ryou and Mika! Let's present the gifts! To Papa: A new hairbrush! Umm... Thanks??? To Mama: A hug! Wait... You get HIM a hairbrush, and I get a hug??? Mika, be nice!!! To Ryou and MIka: A new tea set! Yum! I just LOVE green tea in the morning! Thanks Akina- Wait... This is broken! I may have thought it was my trampoline by mistake... Oh, well. And Kisshu, I have a gift for you! Y-Y-YOU DO??????? Yes! Guess what I found at the store! A pony? A tea set thats not broken? Onion rings? No!!! A hamburger!!! YUMMY TASTY HAPPY FUN TIME!!!! Om nom nom nom nom!!!!! Goodbye, Mika and Ryou! You will be missed and forever remembered! Mama said she would visit every Friday! Let's hope she keeps her word! I hope so! Like I said, they left this morning, so Kisshu is already a handsome Ahirukutchi! Let's hope we get a Kuchipatchi! He ate mostly pork and beans for breakfast, then played Long Jumper! We found out that A makes you jump a little, B makes you jump an average distance, and C goes REALLY FAR!!!!!!! I had sushi and pizza for breakfast, then played Shape and went to work! But then I got robbed... Yes, so the matchmaker has not come yet. She should come today, so Akina can marry her dream Tama! Ah, yes. His name is Taro. Taro is a handsome Shimashimashi.... Cute....Kind..... Funny..... BLEHH!!!! Gross! I'm never getting married! I'll be fine on my own. Hopefully. So I have my eye on a Music Star and a Familitchi I found for a low price on eBay. Both are now put on my birthday wish list, so in two months we may have a new Tama or two! BLEHH!!!!! The log is all about ME!!!!! No, ME!!!! ME!!! ME!!! It's about BOTH OF YOU!!!! hmmph... Plus, V4's and Tama-Go's don't connect, so if we got a new one, we could connect to marry! That's all for this update; see you later!
  14. In SUCH a rush today... I thought I was supposed to be on Spring Break!

  15. Hi! Time for today's update! Warning: I don't have much time, so it will be short. I got my first paycheck today! Then we went to the store and bought food. Akina had scones, hot dogs, and donuts! Can I have a hamburger, already? Still have no hamburgers. Anyway, the matchmaker will come later today or tomorrow, so stay tuned! Mika and I will leave soon. Yes, we are starting to pack now. Yeah, tomorrow we will have a leaving party extraviganza! Will there be hamburgers? Maybe. So, sorry for the short update I am in a hurry. Oh, and Mika played Long Jumper twice, too. Then they had sushi. SummerLuv621, you are going to be late! Right sorry see you tomorrow, people bored enough to read my log! BRING ME HAMBUGERS!!!!!!! *Sigh* At least he has the spirit to be a Kuchipatchi...