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  1. Wow, it's been a while... I'm starting to reawaken my tama obsession, and I'm going to slowly pull myself back onto this site. I'm going to switch accounts (I'll comment my new user), but it will still be me. I can't wait to come back to the community.

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      My new profile is BreakingBinary

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  2. Started up my P1. Let's see how this goes...

  3. This should be an interesting story... pull up a chair and I'll explain... My family refers to the last 50 days of the year as the "final countdown." Starting on the 12th of November and ending just as the clock strikes 12 New Year's Day, we celebrate the very end of every year, and this year will be the 15th year our family has done it. To celebrate this tradition and share it with all of you, I'm hosting a hatch. Rules (because they are needed) ·Hatch begins the morning of November 12th (6:30 am, but you don't need to start logging . Please reset at 6:30 in your time zone) and ends at 12 am New Year's Day (Jan. 1) ·Any number or version of Tamagotchi is acceptable. ·Please try to log DAILY. If you can't, no apology or excuse needs to be made. ·I hope this would be obvious, but if your tama dies or has a child, continue your logging with the next generation. We have 50 days for you to log, and I don't think tamas live that long without REALLY good care. ·Please post which Tamagotchis you will be using below. You don't need to have your post accepted by me (I worded that badly...), but I'd like an idea of who is participating. I will be using my 2 Tamagotchi Friends, my v4 (if I can find batteries), and my P1 (if I can fix it by then). I hope you all have fun!
  4. +1 new tama today! Thanks, Dad!

  5. I'm back!

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      Like, daily. I have rediscovered my Tama obsession!!! (And my insanity...)

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  6. 147 (don't let the Mimitchi fans know we're close...)
  7. Thank you!!! I didn't ship them, but then Wattpad was mean! I feel like the next one was worse (as in sadder...), but I'm not gonna post it for a while cause... laziness...
  8. Writing Zekdil40 and sitting on a car listing to "How Can I Help You Say Goodbye". Yep, sobfest has begun.

  9. Yeah, the phone guy is the purple guy. I watch too much game theory. I guess this is more of a spoken word poem than a song, but The Crickets Have Arthritis by Shane Koyczan, especially this part... 'Grow distant enough to know that as far as our efforts go, we dont always get a reply. But I swear to whatever god I can find in the time I have left, Im gonna remember you kid. Gonna tell your story as often as every story you told me, and every time I tell it Ill say "See? Theres bravery in this world."'
  10. **PLEASE NOTE** This was directly copied from my Wattpad account. I was the original author of this. I am willing to allow copy-and-paste as long as you give me credit, either to my Wattpad (ClarissaMinecraftian), or to this topic. This fanfiction is a one shot (or a one chapter story) about Bajansorcerer, a ship between TheBajanCanadian and Setosorcerer. I don't appreciate hate, so homophobes, leave now. To set the background, Seto has just attempted suicide in sadness over Team Crafted being broken apart because of him. The hospital is trying to save him, and Mitch, along with the rest of Team Crafted, are there. Most of my knee shots are based loosely around a sing or poem, either original or not. This one shot is based around Avicii's song "Wake Me Up". I knelt over the bed in which he lay, heart rate slow and weak. Each breath was shallow, almost non-existent. A tear dripped onto his chest as I whispered to him. "I broke us apart, Seto. It was all my fault. But I only did it to be with you. And the next thing I know, you're gone from sight, scars down your arm and rips in your sleeve where they can show. Don't leave me for just a minute, I want to stay forever, but if you must, I ask you just to help me bring us back together." I placed a trembling finger to his neck. Barely a beat. Glancing back at the rest of the original team with tears in my eyes, I began to sing the song that brought me and Seto together. The song that helped every member of the team, past and present, through a tough time. The song that convinced me that no matter what, we are always a team. Every single one of us, whether we call ourselves Team Crafted or not. "Feeling my way through the darkness, guided by a beating heart." His heartbeat slowed even more. "I can't tell where the journey will end, but I know where to start." His breath was barely a disturbance in the air around us. "They tell me I'm too young to understand. They say I'm caught up in a dream." At that point I knew he wouldn't make it. All I wanted was his help to get the team together. I knew it would be his dying wish, even if he couldn't voice it. "Well, life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes. Well, that's fine by me." 'I can't imagine life without you.' "So wake me up when it's all over, when I'm wiser and I'm older." My voice softened as I approached his favorite part of the song... "All this time I was finding myself, and I didn't know I was lost." "Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep." Seto had flatlined. A tear slipped down and hit his cheek. I looked at him, eyes closed as if he were sleeping, then I turned away. "So wake me up when it's all over, when I'm wiser and I'm older. All this time I was finding myself, and I didn't know I was lost." I turned, a wild hope that those last few lines were whispered by him, but a voice in my mind telling me they had simply slid from my lips. At first he lay there still, but I refused to look away. Then I saw him move his lips again. "I tried carrying the weight of the world, but I only have two hands. Hope I get the chance to travel the world, but I don't have any plans. Wish that I could stay forever this young, not afraid to close my eyes. Life's a game made for everyone, and love is the prize." His eyes fluttered open and his lips curled into a smile. "My dying wish has come to life," he whispered. "Don't leave me again," I sobbed. "Please." "I don't think I will," he replied, glancing at the team. I glanced at them too, nodding and smiling as we began to sing once again, everyone joining in. "So wake me up when it's all over, when I'm wiser and I'm older. All this time I was finding myself, and I didn't know I was lost." A few fell silent, only Adam, Jason, and Ty left singing. "So wake me up when it's all over, when I'm wiser and I'm older. All this time I was finding myself, and I didn't know I was lost." "Didn't know I was lost," Adam sang quietly. "I didn't knew I was lost," Ty continued. "I didn't know I was lost," Jason sang, clearly on the verge of tears. "I didn't know." "Didn't know." "Didn't know." The three burst into silent tears, in which I got the message. They felt terrible that this had ever happened. But I guess miracles happen when we need them most. "All this time I was finding myself, and I didn't know I was lost." ______________________________________________________________________________ Wow... I cried writing that... #BlameBloxie? Yeah, let's go with that. Leave a vote and a comment for more one shots (even though I'll keep writing them anyway). If you cried during that chapter, you are officially a fangirl. -Lyssie
  11. I'm thinking of Wattpad fanfics... basically the primary attack on the feelz in a fangirl's heart. Or this picture... http://scontent-a.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xaf1/t51.2885-15/s306x306/e15/10948864_664541200338759_380056668_n.jpg
  12. Anyone know TheBajanCanadian and Setocorcer? If so, please read this and give me your opinion -------------> http://w.tt/1NpH0CS