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  1. Ok, so i know that there is going to be something called tamagotchi l.i.f.e. And i want to know if they are going to make a new tamagotchi (virtual pet TOY)? And are they forgetting the males/boys? ;( (please answer) :/
  2. Ok so I just got my new tamagotchi v5 in the mail. (aquarium design). And I want to know how to get the different family types. Can anyone give me tips and tricks on how to get the different family types??
  3. Ok guys so I want to customize one of my tamagotchis because im kinda getting bored of it's actual design. Im a boy so I don't want rhinestones or stuff like that. So can you guys give me ideas of what I should do?
  4. That is true to what Eternal Mametchi Fan said. At least we still have many of our tamas to enjoy. And there is ebay too! You can always find a good tamagotchi that is not that expencive eh? :')
  5. Is there any way to debug a tamagotchi tamago? I have been tampering with the device and can't seem to find a switch or anything that has a debug like mode.
  6. Are there any cheats for the tamagotchi version 1?
  7. I AM SO UPSET that bandai america will not make a new tamagotchi. instead they gave away the tamagotchi NAME to some other company and now tamagotchi has Clothing, Food, Bath stuff, furniture, apps, and clothing. WHERE IS THE VIRTUAL PET?!?!?? and they have made tamagotchi only for girls. THERE ARE A LOT OF BOY TAMA FANS OUT THERE TOO. Nice going bandai america. nice going. D':
  8. Will they ever make any new tamas?