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  1. YES! That was it kuchipatchi!! Thank you so much!! I've noticed the bathroom itself is a weird brown color, so I'll get the necessary stuff. Thanks Binary!
  2. Got my new Tama Nano today :D

  3. I noticed ever since it was cloudy a few days ago in my iD L, the head and arms of Amanda, my Uwasatchi, turned into a dark grey color. I assumed it was because of the weather giving her a gloomy mood, but she hasn't changed since. Is this a glitch or do I need to do something to her/for her to make her normal again? Thanks!
  4. Morning everyone! I haven't been up this early in a while, and not gonna lie. It feels good :)

  5. Hey, everyone. Sorry I've been delaying in posting my log I had quite the eventful Easter weekend and I'm back on campus in full swing sooo... yeah, got kinda busy. I have been playing with my new iD L and she's growing so fast Her name is Amanda and I will be posting pictures later today when I have free time. I'll post more often, don't worry!
  6. So in order to get the downloads from my computer to my phone, I HAVE to get an IR USB adapter? I've been having a lot of difficulty finding one for my Windows 7 PC Isn't there a cord I use to connect the computer to my phone with and load them that way so I can get my files from my phone to the iD L?
  7. I hope everyone has a good Easter! Don't forget to give your Tamas extra treats :3

    1. ayan300
    2. tamagal1


      Me too! My Tamagotchis are enjoying Easter. And I have been stuffing myself with choclate all day and I may have munched on some this morning too... ;)

  8. Oh wow this helped me a lot! Thank you so much EMF!!
  9. Is there no way to 'pause' the iD L like you can on the Tama-Go? I don't want to be woken up at 6am by my dieing Tamagotchi!! D: If I tend to her needs COMPLETELY before she goes to bed, will she wake up at a resonable hour, like 8-9am? Also, my normal bedtime is around 2am (I'm in college lol) so if I take care of her until then, will she sleep in like me? Any guidance on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. It's 1:50 am where I am and my baby iD L just fell asleep. When can I expect her to wake up since I can't pause it like my Tama-Go?

    1. ApertureGotchi


      They usually wake up in about 10 minutes or so

    2. Ringotchi123


      Sometimes it takes longer. Just wait. It'll happen.

      Trust me.

  11. Is it possible that I can connect my Tama-Go, iD L, and Tama School together through the IR and get games, items, etc. from each other?

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    2. ayan300


      Colors tamagotchi's connect with color tamagotchi's. I don't think tama-school can connect. But I need someone to clarify...

    3. PixieTama123


      TamaSuku's, iD L's and Tama-Go's don't connect with each other.

    4. Reader4Ever


      Ok I didn't think so, but I thought I would ask. Thanks guys!

  12. My new Tamagotchis I ordered from Japan. I didn't expect to get them until early next week. I was very excited to get these as soon as I did The pink/white one is Tamagotchi School and the other one is, of course, the Tamagotchi iD L. I wish I didn't have to go to work today just so I can play with these guys :3 Arooka grew into a teenager this morning, the Shellitchi, which apparently is the easiest teenage Tama to take care of. I do play with her a lot and feed her even if she only has 2 empty hearts, so I guess I'm just a good Tama Mama
  13. I just my iD L and my school Tamagotchis today!! :D I'm so exited to play with them! But I have to leave for work in almost 2 hours D:

    1. ayan300
    2. Reader4Ever


      Yeah I have a job as a cashier at a store near the university I go to. I'm 23 XD

    3. Owl


      Take one with you. :3

  14. Alright, that's what I thought you had to do. Thank you both so much!!
  15. I just recently bought a Tama-Go and a few seperate Tamas to connect to it to play more games, get items, etc. They all came with they're seperate decals to decorate the Tamagatchi with, but I noticed there's a plastic covering over it and it looks like you can pop it off and change the decal, but I don't want to break it by accident. Here is a picture to specify what the heck I'm talking about in case some of you are confused lol. Thanks!!