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  1. Long time no Post, well I was very busy, Babysitting and partying. I have freedom now. So now I can log, Just not right now because the only update I have for you guys is the fact that Both my music stars have transformed into adults and have gotten themself to pro debt. So really all I have to do with my Tamagotchis today is keep them fed. Well Yeah that's all I have because all my Tamagotchi's are adults except for my V4 who doesn't want to transform. But oh well, Also I just kept them paused all day yesterday and all day the day before so Yeah. Well TA-ta for now
  2. Just wanted to give you guys one last update for today, Since I won't be on tomorrow. I'm going to my best friends mothers birthday Party. So I gotta get up pretty early and ride my bike over to her hosue to help set up. =] I'll be gone from 8 - 6, So i'll see you not tomorrow but the next day. On Friday. Just wanted to say my Music stars are all up to 999 on all three skills for both of them. =] Also Sid and Raindrop got there weights down but not quite to there goal yet, I still have more time today. =] Well I'm off. See you Friday. OMG Almost 200 views! If you have any questions please feel free to message me or if you would please help me promote that would be great. =]
  3. I don't transfer any points I just hit the button until it gives me the code
  4. Just wanted to Update My tamagotchi Music Star's skill points. They are now. Cru: 999 723 999 Mila: 999 560 999 *15 Minutes Later* Cru: 999 773 999 Mila: 999 611 999 ~~~~~~~~ At 11:41 I check on Sid and Raindrop to see if they needed anything. Sid had mail so we walked over to his mailbox to find an envelope, within that envelope was a cute little white heart. Sid was very happy. =] Raindrop is still just bouncing around her room as happy as could be. I'll be back to add more to this in like 17 minutes. At 12:00 =] ~~~~~~~~~~ *17 Minutes Later* Cru: 999 811 999 Mila: 999 650 999 Sids Current Weight: 32lbs Goal: 15 Raindrops Current Weight: 83lbs Goal: 20 I'll be back in two hours to update you guys again with the new weights and the new skill points. =]
  5. Update on my Log =] Please Read

  6. It's about 8:30 So let's get started. Yesterday I didn't really do much with my Tama-Go and My V4, basically I neglected three of my Tama's while I focused on my Pink Music start trying to get all stats up to 999 Then I started focusing on my blue one. Today I'm going to finish my Blue one and then I'll have plenty of time to get my Tama's rocketting weight down. So Let's begin then shouldn't we. I woke up this morning to see that My Tama-go was awake and had evolved into ChaMametchi again. I was working for a lovelitchi. But oh well right. This is very weird for me though becuase My Blue music star is also a ChaMametchi but its only a Teenager. So I fed her and then just left her to bounce around her room while I checked all my other Tamas. So Here is Raindrops Stats: 2yr 85lbs Hungry: 5/5 Happy: 5/5 train: 15/15 Friend: 3/6 I really do need to work on the weight, It's just hard when I really need to get my other Tama's skills up to 999 Because they need to become superstars or else I won't have enough money. ~~~~~~~~~~ Well sid is still asleep again. I think I should move his time up 30 minutes so he wakes up when everybody else does. So I've woken up sid to see he still has not evolved. Here are His Stats: Oh I lied he just evloved literally this second hmmm weird. Now here are his stats: Hungry: 4/4 Happy" 4/4 Traing: 3 29 5 14 1yr 39lbs ~~~~~~~~~~~ On To Cru. My Pink Music Star Yesterday we played literally at least 100 games and we were a great sucess we got all skills up to 999 except for Rhythm But that's how I planned to do it because I make them to that one on their own by practicing. =] Also by Band practicing and challanges. =] So right now I have Cru practicing his guitar so he can be a star with all his pals. Here's are his Stats: 1 yr 25lbs hungry: 4/4 Happy:4/4 Stress: 05 999 449 999 Rock N' Roll Hopefully today we will get the other skill bar up to 999 as well. =] But mostly we shall focus on My Blue MS ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mila: Basically just working on her skills today, Did a little bit yesterday got to finish today. =] Stats: 1 yr 21lbs Hungry: 4/4 Happy: 3/4 Stress 12 597 377 657 Asian Music That's all for today. =]
  7. At midnight they leave. So When I want my baby after the first 24 hours I'll put the time at 11:58 and wait two minutes then the animation will come up and it lasts a really really long time honestly. So I just snapped a few pictures and when they were done I put the time to what it really was and took care of my new little tama while I had time to. =] But it only works if it's 24 hours after your tama baby appeared. So if it's right after she appears like two hours or so then it wont work, but if it's the next day before you go to sleep just hurry up and do that and you will have your baby. =]
  8. Just keep doing it over and over, You can earn as much as you want. =]
  9. 1. Describe yourself. Rain ~ Creed 2. What do people feel when they’re around you? Ghosts ~ Jake Owen 3. Describe your current relationship. Anywhere But Here ~ Hilary Duff. 4. Where would you like to be right now? Crawling ~ Linking Park 5. How do you feel about love? Answer To The Master ~ Def Leppard 6. What is your life like? The Anthem ~ Good Charlotte 7. What would you wish for if you only had one wish? Anthem Of The Angels ~ Breaking Benjamin 8. Say something wise. Anything Goes ~ Guns N' Roses 9. How would you describe yourself? Attitude ~ Mettalica 10. Was this fun? Awake and Alive ~ Skillet 11. How do you feel today? Awaken ~ Disturbed 12. What’s your life’s purpose? Away From The Sun ~ 3 Doors Down 13. What is your motto? Away In Silence ~ Creed. 14. What do your friends think of you? Baby ~ Buckcherry 15. What do your parents think of you? Baby Come Home ~ Bush 16. What do you think about very often? Baby Come Home ~ Kid Rock (NO JOKE! Haha, Oh mY gAWSH. =] ) 17. What do you think of your best friend? Back In The Day ~ Brantly Gilbert 18. What do you think of the person you like? Back Off ***** ~ Guns N Roses 19. What is your life story? Bad Attitude Shuffle ~ Cinderella 20. What do you want to be when you grow up? Breakaway ~ Kelly Clarkson 21. What do you think of when you see the person you like? Broken ~ Josh Todd 22. What will you dance to at your wedding? When U Love Someone ~ Kid Rock (This one is actually true, what are the odds of that) 24. What song will they play at your funeral? Ball Breaker ~ AC/DC (We should!) 25. Biggest secret? Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off ~ Pan!c At The D!sco (Please Don't listen if you don't like music that swears ) Actually I should say that about all these songs, I'm not sure which ones swear and don't.
  10. Oh my gowsh coolest thing ever. I followed and I"m adding this to my Content so I can check it out whenever I want. =] This trick really did work I have over a million gotchi points on my Tama now. =]
  11. This is so frustrating because I really would like to get online and start earning money again. I haven't been on in forever and once I finally get back into tama's the whole website crahses. GAw!!!!!
  12. *Update* Fido Passed away? I don't know why. He just did. So I'm starting over with a new little baby on my V4 I named him Sid. He is currently sleeping...AGAIN. Since I'm already talking about Sid, Let's start with Sid. Statistics: Hungry ♥♥♥♥/4 Happy: ♥♥♥♥/4 Training: 1/ - 16 5 8 0yrs 10lbs Today I'll be working on his potty training. With the timer on my ipod hopefully I'll be able to catch him and see if we can fill up that training bar. Yesterday With Fido I guess It might be because I never really played with em. I was busy with my music stars since they are babies and i'm trying to get there skills all full. =] Let's head over to Raindrop now. =] My Tama-Go is on it's third generation. Yay! That's honestly the highest Gen i've ever had. I know sad huh Well last night Raindrop turned into a Shellitchi. I"m working for a lovelitchi. Hopefully. Yesterday I finished all her training bars and played with her until her hearts were full and I havent really looked at her since unless I was feeding her so she's probaly over weight. I don't know. I'm awful at this. Raindrops Statistics: 1yr 30lbs We will be working on this today 3g Hungry: 5/5 Happy: 5/5 Training: 15/15 Friendship: 3/6 So Today I'll be working on poor little Raindrops weight. Now we can move onto my Music stars. Like I said yesterday. My Music Stars would be started. I have four and I started two. They are kind of hard to keep up with and get their skills all the way up where they need to be. So let's get started on them. I named my blue Music Star Mila Because she is a beautiful Toddler girl. Right now she is practicing on her guitar, and she has been all morning. Today I'm focusing on my two Music stars to get there skills up to 999 in all. Lots and Lots of games. Basically all she's been doing is playing games and practicing. Mila's Statistics: 0yrs 15lbs Hungry: 4/4 Happy: 4/4 Stress: 15 Tone: 30 Rhythm: 34 Origional: 110 Rock N' Roll. Right now I'm taking Mila off to the store to buy some food. She bought Loco Moco: 450p Pear: 200p Fried Chicken: 320p We will leave it at that until I make Mila go famous and we get millions. =] After the millions I will be able to buy all the food and make sure I"m all stocked up. =] Now i'm going to play a game of sound block with her to gain her some skills in origional. I accidently hit the button so She only earned 8 points. That's one of the worst games of sound block I've ever played. So now I just let her play with all her toys until Her stress was down all the way, and Then I set her to pracitce again. Now my Pink Music star Is a beautiful boy named Cru. Cru has done all the same things except last night I played a lot of game with him, so he has a lot more skills then his girlfriend Mila. *I plan to wed the two* Cru's Statistics: 0yr 10lbs hungry: 4/4 Happy: 4/4 Stress: 19 Tone: 161 Rhythm: 24 Origional: 221 Asian Music That's all for today. I might do another one later tonight. =]
  13. On Howrse. Anybody else play? I'm buying a Unicorn. ♥

  14. Ahhh I get to start My Music Stars again tonight!! =]