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  1. Today, I shall log. I might not be able to on the weekdays, but most likely on the weekends, there will always be a log. Hello my dear audience, later today Ninja may start up her id L, or however you spell it... But if she does start it up, she will start a new one, and try to get a Watawatachi, the cute little lamb. Also, told Ninja that the reason I simply refuse to play games is that I have to eat to be able to play games, so a big thank you to him, and I also have over 100 Pencil points, or as I like to call them, IQ points. Yeah, so, Thanks Kutchipatchi! And um, Uva beat me to everything else :c Well Ninja, if you had not of given me to Mr. Turtlepedia and gotten me so smart, then maybe I would of acted differently... Oh! I have an idea, what if today, we see what today would of been like if yesterday I gave you to Mrs. flower, or even Mr. canvas! My goodness, that sounds fun, but you need to work on your grammar. It's Mrs. Flower, or Mr. Canvas! Pfft...Grammar Nazi... 'M sorry? Didn't catch that. Nothing! Let's begin! *portalportalMrs. Flowerportalportal* Ok, I might not be able to log on the weekdays, just on weekends DONT TOUCH MY HAIR! IT'S WAY TO PRETTY FOR YOU, FIEND! Yeah, sure, well I want to thank kutchipa- AHHH YOURE GETTING TO CLOSE! Wow, well, here is my I WILL END THIS RIGHT NOW! *portalportalRegularplaceportalportal* Well I must say, I was simply horrid! And I didn't even look pretty... *portalportalMr. Canvasportalportal* Hello there, I probably wont be able to log on weekends, and I will just log on weekdays, oh, and I would like to thank for telling me Uva was too skinny for playing games, so check his log out- Shh- I am painting OK, I might start up my id L OK, I have to go, so bye
  2. I might join with my id L, but ill probably hatch it too early =P
  3. well then, youre banned for not letting us tell you about homestuck
  4. Ok, so Uva went out of preschool, and went into regular school. She got a new teacher, Mr. Turtlepedia, and now she is very smart. She has like 74 pencils or something... E=mc2, an object in motion stays in motion and an object in rest stays at rest unless it experiences unbalanced force, quoting Newton's First law of motion, also called the law of inertia. Yeah... so that is pretty much all I wanted to tell you, and Uva is still refusing to play games unless I feed her to get her fat, but at 21lbs she is still refusing, and I'm just overreacting arent I Yes my dear Madame, now I must go get some more smarts by meeting My teacher, Mr. Turtlepedia. Oh yeah, that reminds me, She isn't getting smarts after seeing her teacher now, is that bad? Well, I'll check the interwebs. Here there be helpful things -Uva passed 70 pencils, and now is on her way to becoming a Mimitchi -Uva started school Uvas turn... I am intrested in what she is going to say... -Well, Ninja, I started school today at 1 year old, and am as smart as 74 baby tamas put together. -My teacher is Mr. Turtlepedia -I am 21 pounds, and I simply refuse to dirty up myself with games. That would be simply horrid! OK, see you next time- And take care of your tamas! Oh, and have a good time!
  5. Hey there. Just a note: If Uva is refusing to play games, it's probably because she hasn't eaten enough. Weird, right? Games are like exercise, but you need food in your body to have the energy to exercise, right?

    1. Ninjasaurus Rex

      Ninjasaurus Rex

      Oh, that makes sense! Thank you~

  6. Hello, and welcome to my third post! Make yourself comfy! Move some pillows, rearrange the furniture, anything you want! So, Uva, how are you? *Jumps out of her bed going super high up* I feel, *hops around* lighter! But, this was overnight, how did I get to... Gotchi! 20 POUNDS!?!? Goodness, I'll have to sleep more often. You seem more... Mature... You have a lot of stuff to say... :/ Mature? Pffft. Who needs it. Lets PARTY!!! What is your favorite party game? Well I like Pin the tail on the pony, although my absolute favorite would be Rain to the ground. Umm, how would you play that? Welp, you just swivel on your heels while standing, and then you slowly bend your knees until you're in the fetal position, and then whoever is last has to play the next round with their eyes closed. Ok, so... Lets play that Yay~ But you can't play without *gets out radio* MUSIC!! *classical plays* Ummm... LET'S DO THIS BOEEYYYZZZ Oh, fine *starts swiveling* Oh hey Uva, I changed the time so I could play games with you! *Music stops like its a record even though its a radio* Y-Y-You What?! Well, I didn't want you fat... So I changed the time? Oh, You're going down! *Tackles ninja* *slightly rushed* ILL BE BACK WITH THE REST! (Goodness Uva, geez, OW don't bite me!) ~~~A while later~~~ Ok, I'm back from that, um, fight... So here's The actual stuff I did. But first, stats. 4 Hungry 4 Happy 3 training 39 Pencil 35 Sparkles 20 Flowers 1yrs Yus~ 13lbs 2100p (already donated) Here there be helpful things! -I changed the time on Uva so she isn't as fat anymore. -I made a promise that every 1500p I get, I donate 500p. Ex. 1500, donate 500. When I get to 2500, I donate 500, and so on. -Oh, and Uva evolved into a ringotchi, which is... Meme family? No, Mame family. Dangit. I shall get a Mimitchi! /)'3'(\ *shudder* Uvas turn... -NINJA IS A MEANIE WHO CHANGES TIME! -IM NOT FAT! yay~ -I was cheated! D: -I love you~ Oh, I almost forgot! Uva is refusing to play games, and I just don't know what went wrong, and I want her to play games, because she needs to be smart, and Goodness... Tell me what I am doing wrong.... See you next time, and have a good time!
  7. [ ] [X] [ ] [ ] [o] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Yeah, it alternates between o and x, so if the person above you plays x, you play o, and vive versa
  8. It's hard to keep up with my log... ;-;

    1. sakura-san123


      I agreez with you there :D

  9. OK, so, um, hi, and, umm, my names Ninjasaurus and 'm Uva And this is, Ninja log of Tamagotchi! OK, so you want my stats? Well, too bad! Because I am going to give them at the end! Ok, I guess that'll work. So today I was sick, so Uva was paused most the day... again... But you unpaused me, right? ... right? Um, justasecondgottagounpauseyou... Yes. GAAAAH THE PAIN IM FAT AND SAD AND I WANNA GO ON A COUCH WITH A TUB OF ICECREAM AND BE DEPRESSED AND AND AND... Um, I got nothin'. Im fat and sad. :c Yeaah, I'm not the best at caring... Your name is care! ;_; Actually, you can call me Ninja. My username is care, but not my real username. Well then my did you put Care as your name? Because I was little last time I used you, and I didn't really wanna do anything, and I was tired, and I was little, and I was craz- I'm just gonna stop you right there... So, I can call you Ninja? Yus... But, it might be awkward, and I always say it isn't awkward unless you make it, and oh I'm being awkward aren't I OK, So, Ninja, Ummmm... I think we're done here, correct? Correct. IM GONNA POST MY STATS >: D 4hungry 2happy 2training 21pencil Im gonna cut in here... 17 Sparkles 7 Flowers 0yrs...still... 30lb 1650p Ok, now for the actual part. Here there be Helpful things: -Uva started school -I donated 600p to the king And now for Uva's section (ohnoes) -I WAS PAUSED FOR THE WHOLE DAY WDNKJNWVFSVJDKVVHDVKDV ;_; -I'M FAT AND SAD -CARE DOES NOT CARE -PM CARE HELP ON V.4S SO SHE CAN TAKE CARE OF MEEEE!! - I love you~ Ok, now that that's done, see you next time, and have a good time! (I'm thinking of making the last bit a thing, PM me your thoughts) Ok, I have to be quit for this last part, Uva is asleep right now, shhh! So, I checked on a growth chart, and Uva is a Puchitchi, and I want her to become a meme family teen so she can become a Makkio, and then im gonna get her to raise 350 beauty and 450 overall points, that is, if im not to lazy, but ill keep you posted, so- mmkdczazazzzlmzlzmkzmz---hm? Hey, im supposed to be asleep? right? right!? See-you-next-time-and-have-a-good-time-bye! (Hush now, quiet now, its time to lay your sleepy head, hush now, quit now, its time to go to bed...)
  10. Hello, people beings, i am Ninjasaurus Rex, and today I am going to start a log on my v.4 Tama, the cracked ice version. So, i started yesterday, but evolved her in to a toddler, then paused her until... Now. So, I shall post her stats. 4 happy hearts 1 Training bar (soory, saw her ready to poop and couldnt help myself xD) 16 pencil 9 sparkles 7 flowers 0 yrs 21 lbs Name: UVA Gender; Girl 1g 1600 p Username: Care Ok, so now that that's out of the way, I'll go on a pointless tangent until someone stops me. So I was walking to school today jingling Uva in my pocket when all of a sudden, I saw one of my friends! I asked her if she knew what a tamagotchi was, and you know what she said? She said- Yes yes, she said yes, but she doesnt have any. Besides, she doesnt even know what I am Oh, come on Uva, she was very D'awwed by you spinning in a circle. I know, but still, I mean, but, she... she... she didnt know if I was a boy or a girl! Yeh, but you sould be happy I told her the truth! I said girl. Yeah, but, oh well... Well, that is enough for today, because I have-- *cough*videogamestoplay*cough* *le epic glare* No, homework to do... So, normally it will be longer, or maybe not at all, or maybe I will ultimatly troll all of you by rage-quiting right now :trollface: but, see you next time, and have a good time!
  11. Hello, nation of Tamatalk, I see lots f people are still on here! c: