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  1. I got just a second ago at 2:15 AM spanish hour a Knighttchi. this was my second egg since i bought the tamagotchi friends last friday, so i think i am lucky to get this character. and I was given a jewel. Can you tell me more about Knighttchi?

  2. I haven´t ever watched the tamagotchi anime but i love the first ending. so freaking catchy!

    1. TamAmore


      Tamatomo forever!The first 2 endings are the best

    2. pokewhite86
  3. How much can last the life of a tamagotchi in Tamagotchi Friends?

    1. Moussette


      I've been asking myself the same question. I think they can last forever as long we take a good care of them ...?

    2. pokewhite86


      aha, maybe, thanks for the reply a lot :)

    3. Sabrazom


      around 10-9 days i guess..

  4. I love turtletchi, but i love him much more when he sleep, he has an adorable sleep sprite :)

  5. This night my Coffretchi will be 4 years old. When do tamagotchis get oldie in Tamagotchi Friends?

    1. SakuraLove
    2. pokewhite86


      ah thank you, i thought they do

  6. Knighttchi --> Escavalier

    1. SJneptunia


      Lol that's so true XD

  7. The U.S government already knows that we love tamas

    1. Carol_tama
    2. pokewhite86


      I mean, because of recent news report of the millions of personal messages and conversations investigated by the U.S secret services, they know that we talk about tamagotchis. State business indeed :)


  8. I actually like Coffretchi. No wonder why so much hate. because of anime character? ok, i think real tamagotchi stuff is the tamagotchi itself. The anime is merchandising at all.

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    2. furbitchi


      Yeah well I agree with you on Coffletchi anyway I don't mind her ind the anime she's really funny

    3. pokewhite86


      aha, well it´s good to hear.

    4. TamAmore


      the Tamagotchi anime is childish? It's inspired from a kids' toy, it contains a lot of daily routine, but it contains fantasy, like a lot of other shows, even Lupin the 3rd has a lot fantasy elements, and sometimes there are kind of nonsense scenes, this is what makes animation better than real life :)


      I like Coffretchi to >3<

  9. I am really awed with the growth speed in Tamagotchi Friends. Already adult in three days? Wow!

    1. KeroPyontchi


      It's like that for the v6 and Tamago too.

    2. pokewhite86


      is that so? aham :)

  10. I play Fire Emblem The sacred Stones in my Game Boy Advance. what is your favorite character class? I love pegasus riders!
  11. My first female Tamagotchi Friends has evolved a while ago into a.... Coffretchi !! while she was sleeping. it´s 22:58 PM here in Spain

  12. Fire Emblem is a japanese fantasy tactical strategy saga that comes far in time since the Nintendo Nes era, but never came to Europe and U.S until Fire emblem for Game Boy Advance, whose japanese name was Fire Emblem Rekka no ken, and was the second Fire Emblem Installment that came for Game Boy Advance in Japan and the first to be released out of there. There was many games before, like Fire emblem Seiken no Keifu, Fire emblem Thracia 776 or Fire Emblem Ankoku ryu to hikari no tsurugi, the first of all them. The game is from the same house that made the Advance Wars games ( in Japan Famicom Wars ) and has some difference from this last mentioned game, such as the possible character´s deaths ( not anymore in the easy mode from Fire Emblem Kakusei/Awakening) and a medieval and detailed fantasy story in contrast with the warfare world featured in Advance Wars, but both sagas count with difficult games which make tactical thinking fun to play, as well as awesome soundtracks, maybe a bit more pathetic sounding in Fire Emblem than Advance wars, but that´s my opinion.
  13. This is my third day taking care of my first egg in tamagotchi friends and it doesn´t seems to show any special difficulties or tricks. is by some reason this tamagotchi a come back to origins, besides of collect jewels?

    1. SamJJE101


      That's exactly what it is.

    2. pokewhite86


      i see, nice to know for me then ^-^ thanks for the reply

  14. Listening to Stryper right now as my Neotchi sleeps :D

  15. My TF female Terupotchi has evolved just a second ago at 22:25 AM spanish hour into Neotchi. Is she good?

    1. pokewhite86


      22:25 PM sorry xD. did I get a cool tama plz?

    2. *Hayden*
    3. pokewhite86


      i don´t know, there´s not even a growth chart released yet as far as i could notice