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  1. Tamachat empty ._.

    1. tamafreeze


      How is it empty if im there? :P

  2. Oh,the marriage is not mandatory, Miss,you can select "cancel" and eventually the character will become an elder. :-)
  3. Yeah,that's what I mean.When I came out of the car,there was a line through the 'go,and I cried. Still,in Ireland there is no such thing as sun,so...
  4. Can you visit my new video

    1. purpurn


      You do understand that Copyright law 107 doesn't automatically give you permission to use others material right? Generally something that is copyrighted you still have to obtain permission to use, even in the event of use for non-profit. Also posting "credit" as to who created items does not substitute as "permission" for use. Honestly you're not the only person who uses others material on the internet, but I just wanted to let you know that what you are posting on you...

  5. We got that white girl, so we make those skrill checks.

  6. Going away from tamatalk because I may have received a trojan from it.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. sonicfan253
    3. booboo1


      you think that

    4. The Ultimate Doomer

      The Ultimate Doomer

      :\ most likely not. TT doesn't install stuff on the computer (unless you clicked one of Google's ads)

  7. Eat.Sleep.Code.

  8. This happens alot,pretty cool huh? Oh,shouldn't this be in What's on your Mind? I don't know,though...
  9. Aww,so cute! <3
  10. That happened to me.You might want to try taking it apart and perhaps cleansing the button contacts and if that doesn't work perhaps switch the buttons from an old or broken or fake tama. Best of Luck.
  11. It's raining again in Ireland.AC:PO is coming out in Q1 2013. (yes)

  12. If your Tama-Go's training is very high,they go to the toilet themselves! Well done on being a brilliant parent! <3