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  1. No Its The Normal weight, Dont Worry To Much.....Also If It Was Too Skinny It Would Be A Angry Tama
  2. can someone tell me what there toilet cycle on the tama-go is?
  3. It really what type of setting you like when i mean this i mean do u like it with out the background or with it and what type of games they have is one of them as well, i like the new ones because u can connect to other tamas
  4. Mametchi&Memetchi Cuties

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Rainbow Dash
    3. Nazotchi25


      well masketchi love gozarutchi


    4. Red Ura Mametchi

      Red Ura Mametchi

      mametchi and furawatchi(leaaftchi violetchi or flowertchi watever u prefer) and kuchipatchi with memetchi

  5. When Your Tama-Go Needs The Toilet It Does The 'PeePeeWrigleDance' What Does 'The 'PeePeeWrigleDance' Look Like?
  6. Sorry They Dont Sell The Figurines Which Is A Shame But They Can Be Brought In Amazon And Ebay........
  7. Hey, Well I Was Looking Around The Mall Today And To My Surprise I Found The Tama-Go In Argos For Those Of You Who Dont Know How Much They Are There £19.99.....Get Yours Soon And Tell Me About It!