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  1. Happy Birthday :) Hope you have a great day

  2. Aww darn that is funny! Really Messed up though how you negotiated with them, but what a great deal! Enjoy your Brand New ID L's
  3. OMG my Mametchis Star Ranking is 69th! o.o

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    2. Neon Pegasus
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      france's favorite number...*SHOT FOR HETALIA REFERENCE*

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  4. My America avatar is upset because he ran out of hamburgers and because Zach's is angry about being surrounded by arguements.
  5. I will probably get it for the 3Ds then xD
  6. Happy 4th!! :) I hope you all enjoy your fourth of July regardless of whether you celebrate it or not.

  7. Dear TamaChat, Y U NO LET ME ON! From, Matt

    1. xxKuchipatchixx


      I'm done trying to log in Imma just go back to drawing

    2. TicTax


      its called having a crappy wifi

  8. Let me just put this log on hold for now. A lot is going on right now. Anyways Sam and Krissy both died Yes what ended up happening is I fell asleep during the day(Which I never do but I was really tired) and when I woke up they were both dead. I must have forgotten to feed them before I went to sleep I restarted them though but now Im thinking I need to pause them so thats what imma do.
  9. Ok Sorry TamaTalk but I will not be on as much lately. It is time for my annual shiny hunt. I host one pretty much every summer except last... or well I hosted one but I never got the shiny I was looking for. This summer I am trying to find a shiny piplup. I finally was able to get one off the GTS. So I will be back as soon as I find one. See you guys then.

    1. xxKuchipatchixx


      (not a shiny piplup off the Gts a japanese piplup off the GTS btw)

    2. TicTax
    3. Orandatchi


      why would you want to find orange pulp inside a video game

  10. I wonder why do I always end up getting myself into weird situations in life? Oh what am I gonna do with me. -_-

  11. Ok I am back! sorry for not really posting yesterday. Nothing happened yesterday it was a boring day. Anywho. I am posting today! WITH PICTURES! Also I have decided stats should be in spoilers that way those of you who never read them don't even have to bother skipping them. How nice of me xD. Here are the pictures(Also in a spoiler) Now these spoilers is the stats. So now that these two lovebirds are back on tamatalk would they like to say anything? Sam: I would! Krissy: Me too. Ok go ahead. Sam: Hello Tamatalk how are you doing. Krissy: It really is great to be back on Tamatalk isn't it. Sam: I suppose... Except I didn't like it that one time when... I can't even say it. Krissy: I told you Gooby never attacked you on TT you were dreaming. Sam: NOT TRUE! It really happened He's right Krissy it did happen... In his dream. Krissy: lol Sam: It happened Krissy: Sam Likes Trains! **I get hit by a train** Sam: Krissy you are so stupid you just got the person who feeds us killed. Krissy: Ooops Sorry Matt! Sam: He's dead Krissy he can't hear you. Krissy: Let's just walk away now before Matt's laptop commits suicide Sam: Good idea
  12. Summer= Sitting around the house knowing you should be doing something but you don't cuz it's sumer then, at like 3PM in the afternoon you get up off your butt and wonder what happened to your day -_- yes thats what I did today.