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  1. Anyone else play? Because I'd love to have someone to play with!
  2. Thank you. Well the dream town looks pretty cool and will hold me over until the us gets some service.
  3. Also whats this I see rumors about that a new english color is coming out in the us?
  4. Maybe get a tama go?

  5. Should I search high and low for an english IDL or just get a japanese one?

  6. I want to get an english IDL so bad. I have the money. Bandi please just start selling them!

    1. SailorRosette


      Go back to your WTB topic, you missed a few things. ;)

    2. xavplusplus


      I know, hahah fixed it

  7. Been living off of chinese food lol

    1. CheesyNoodleTama


      I do that sometimes :P


  8. I remember reading the first two tsubasa mangas that seemed like it would be a great anime
  9. I'm looking for a complex emotional and symbolic plot like FLCL does anyone have suggestions? I liked cowboy bebop too.