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  1. WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP! My hockey team won todays match!

  2. Lime got a job as a tv news anchor

    1. Owl


      Cool! Do you have an Entama? :)

  3. YAY! My Puchitchi grew to a Ringotchi! I named her Lime and she looks like an apple

  4. Scribblenauts is an EPICOSITY (epic and monstrosity) If something is awesom in ur opinion then u say NARGGEL-WARGGEL. Btw u dont need anything else NARGGEL-WARGGEL already shows u think its awesom and if u think its awesome then it is awesom!! NARGGEL-WARGGEL
  5. Me and my friends were havin a conversation bout tv ads when i mentioned the skittles ad and we were talking bout wat it would be like to live like that when everything u touch turns to skittles. we spoke bout it for 2 periods (our school periods are 90 mins long). We want to find another ad that is just as good as the skittles ad and we can debate bout for over 3 hours. any suggestions?
  6. There r a lot of TV i watch and i mean a lot but my absolute fav would hav to be 'Russel Howards Good News'. I love anything if Russel Howard is in it also it's hilarious
  7. gawun golden anteaters won unlimited nuggets
  8. None because thats why trousers and shirts were made. to be used as napkins lol. If u find this gross my excuse is i care about the planet and im only doing it to save trees
  9. I went to a sleep over with one of my friends to these girls that used to bully everyone. While they were asleep me and my friend drew mustaches, beards, glasses, bushy eyebrows e.t.c. on their faces then let them sleep like it till morning. We'd both gotten up earlier than them so we'd wake one up at a time to then take out to the front garden to play catch so other people could see them. We took out the last girl when the guy she has a crush on walked past her house and saw her like it. My friend and i both burst out laughing when we saw his face. She had no idea why he looked at her that way and why we were laughing until she went to the bathroom and saw herself in the mirror. He hasn't spoken to her since.
  10. I'm practicing with my band and occasionally in breaks coming onto TAMATALK
  11. The Fat Pig There was once a pig that lived on a farm with a very poor family. The family were the 'VeryPoorAndSmellyFamily' family and the pig was called 'SkinnierThanAPieceOfPaper' but we'll call him piggy. He was definitely skinnier than a piece of paper. The family were very poor as their crops had gone through a horrible drought and so farmer dad had come up with a smart idea of fattening up piggy to then sell him for money. One morning the farmer kids got up early to go and feed piggy. They followed strict orders from their dad to give piggy double the amount of food compared to usual. Piggy saw how much food was given to him and thought they were just being kind so ate it all up. The family did this 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Gradually the piggy was getting fatter and fatter each day. 3 weeks later of piggys new diet, he began to feel very gassy and kept farting and burping. Farmer dad saw this as a success of fattening him up so decided to take a photo to show his friends on how fat piggy had gotten. On farmer dads way to feeding piggy he heard (and most definitely smelt) piggys farts and burps. Piggy suddenly let out a huge fart and flew all around the universe until landing with a huge thump in a mud puddle sending mud everywhere and then he exploded with an all mighty bang. Farmer mum saw piggy do this and burst into tears. BUT... Luckily Farmer dad had caught this on tape instead of taking a photo. He put it on youtube and sent it to 'you've been framed' where he got £250. Edgar Wright saw this and thought it would make the best movie ever. 'VeryPoorAndSmellyFamily' became millionaires. They all lived happily ever after... or did they? THE END My mum made me go through my school work to see what to keep and what to get rid of and i found this. There is a sequel for this story. I don't quite know what went through my head in yrs 3 and 4 but there are millions of weird stories like this.
  12. Tarzan just farted in my room and it stinks

    1. Rainbow Dash

      Rainbow Dash

      Kitty fart. OoO

    2. CookieMonsterCupcake


      I wouldn't mind so much but he likes sleeping on my pillow *_*

    3. xavplusplus