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  1. They are not having any releases but they are in the process of development.
  2. Username: Something I just thought up since I love red. I got interested in the symbolism of the sun when I played Boktai. Avatar: Homeschool Tutor: Hitman Reborn! Man, I love that show.
  3. Age: 16-20 Gender: Male Country: Canada Comment: It has always been a wish of mine to own an original Tamagotchi. Tamagotchis are one of the most unique toys out there and I wouldn't want these series of toys to end.
  4. hiimdaisy's comics always make me laugh. Especially the Professor Layton ones. Here's a link:
  5. Ah, I understand it better now. I am amazed at how you can get this data. I guess this is the power of observation. Thanks again, binary. P.S. I'd give you karma if I knew how to, sorry.
  6. Really? Thanks, binary! You saved me from a crisis in time management. Does the iD-L tamas really take that long to finish a meal?
  7. SMT games. Pizza. Girls. Heroes of Newerth. Soccer. Assassin's Creed. Kingdom Hearts. Tamagotchi. Gurren Lagann. These are my obsessions right meow.
  8. Thanks. I thought that most Tamas have a schedule. I guess the Tama-Go is one of the few that has that feature. Shows my lack of experience about Tamas, haha.
  9. Hi, everyone. I just bought an iD-L. I was wondering if the tamas have a regulated bathroom needs. If so, then would different stages(baby,toddler,teen etc.) have different times?
  10. I'm a guy, around 17 years of age. I just bought a Tama-go from a nearby city for a decent amount of money. It made me nostalgic the whole time I had it. I couldn't afford a tamagotchi before but I did have the tamagotchi-like toys like the dino ones. I've always wanted an authentic tamagotchi when I was a kid. Now, I'm buying an ID-L tamagotchi from a seller in eBay. I doubted myself at the thought of buying it at first since I saw its trailer. It was kinda inclined towards girls and the cost was too high. I decided that I didn't really care for the stereotypes that revolve in owning a tamagotchi. I did care about the money though. >___> TL;DR. Who cares? Tamagotchis are cool. Also, am I a minority here?