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    bikini bottom ^^
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    my interests tamagotchi and pokemon and victini too! ^^
    -please do my topic! its is called which is your favourite thanks everyone

    - my fav colour is baby blue

    - i have got loads of mates who has tamagotchi!!!

    - my dream job is to be a photographer
    i have a sony camera and a nikon camera in pink too!

    - my fav fruit would be a water-melon
    yummy yummy in my tummy!!!

    - i like doing flower things like florists
    nice nice flowers~

    - i like pokemon! my fave would be victini and oshawott too :)
    oshawott is sooo cute and crazy like me~
    victini is cute and cute!

    by the way who ever loves pokemon i cart wait till pokemon black and white 2 comes out soon!

    - i have animal crossing wild world which is pretty cool who ever has a 3ds and likes animals crossing you will like this information but soon there will be a animal crossing 3ds game!!! dont know any information else about animal crossing 3ds though....

    iam pretty crazy like oshawott! i must admit!!! hehehe!

    victini lover~

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    family tamagotchi and music star tamagotchi
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    iam currently playing tamagotchi tamago!

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  1. hi everyone i have not finishing this thingy till a long time because i got a lot of this to do these days so keep on telling me!
  2. okay thanks so hard to get lovelitchi :/
  3. hiya! you know the training points how do i gain that so i get lovelitchi i need tips please! thanks~~~~~
  4. heya dazzilitchigirl could you put it in a list e.g.: i have 1 tamago and one tamago figure *memetchi blue tamago* *memetchi #110* my favourite would be ponyitchi gotchi figure!
  5. pokemon songs in my head lalala ♪

  6. thanks but i try and it turn into chametchi
  7. lol iam have the blue memetchi and the memetchi figure too my tamago turn into a chametchi and 2moro it will turn 6 years old and it will unlock the dating place! what about you?
  8. aww man! only one i missed dam it so which one do you like and do like?
  9. which tamago do you like and own? hiya! i will be doing a voting about tamagos! but i need your help! pick which one you like the most and which tamago you have the voting will start at the 19th april and ending at the 12th of may! so you have plenty of time to pick which one you like and have! by the way iam including gotchi tamago figures too! so pick which one you like in this selection (i think i got all of the tamagos and figures in this selection) tamagos: *memetchi blue tamago* *mamatchi lime green tamago* *kuchipachi white tamago* gotchi figures: *chamemetchi #109* *kuchipachi #120* *mamatchi #101* *memetchi #110* *ringotchi #156* *violetchi #130* *sebiretchi #121* *kuromametchi #105* *ponyitchi #152* *makiko #119* *Ichigotch #115* (these are the gotchi figures i could think off sorry if i missed any if i did please post please thanks) hope you vote soon! -victini lover
  10. my mind is on tamagotchi tama go hehe

  11. Hey how do you put the sound off on the tamago? Because iam abit scared leaving it at home just in case it dies! Because you are at school for 7 hours and 30 minutes at my school so yeah
  12. Hey my baby turned into a belltchi and now I want it to turn into a lovetchi how do I do that? Its 16lb 4 of the friendship hearts are full what do I do?