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  1. Do I know you lel?

  2. Emfagotchi... EmFAGotchi... EmFAGOTchi... omo Luckily there's only one G.

  3. Happy birthday, Emfagotchi!

  4. Don't forget to update this status to let everyone know you're using your EMF account name again ;)

  5. i lov kirby and animal crossing too !!!!,,im sry about ur other account thats sad i hate hackers too , im tamagirl and my fave tama is kuromametcchi ! ps my cat had 5 kittens too day

  6. I loved it when u said MON-NAY! :D :D

  7. Oh. Oops. Anyway... I AM SAKURANBOY! Or am I SakuranGirl? Whoooooooooo knows?
  8. Don't Stop Making Tamagotchis! That means YOU, Bandai America. Well, since there's an Angelgotchi petition, I thought it would be great if there was a petition like this! When it gets lots and lots of replies I'll email Bandai with the link and maybe, just maybe the Tama-Go will NOT be the final English Tamagotchi... Basically, you have to say your age and gender so Bandai knows what audience to make their future Tamas for, and your country so they know where to release it. We can work together to get hundreds of replies and when Bandai sees this... whooo knooowws...? To sign up for this petition, simply fill out this form: You don't NEED to say your age and gender if you don't want to but it is greatly appreciated. I hope you can help! ~ EMF
  9. Hello... I am up to generation 10 on my iD L and guess how many different adults I have? 6. 6! 10 generations, 6 different characters! I want to unlock a new location besides Henshin Jo, but noooooooooooooooooo... I have so far collected these characters in my book: Mametchi (2 of him) Kuromametchi Kuishinbotchi (2 of him) Lovelitchi (2 of her) Perotchi (2 of her) Uwasatchi I know some characters you can only get by connecting--like Madonnatchi if you connect to 6 different friends and Giragiratchi if you connect to the same friend 30 times--but does anyone have any tips on how to get characters I haven't collected yet? I reeeeeeeaallly want to unlock Melody Land and Concert Hall... ~ EMF
  10. Yeah, Ichigotchi is meant to weigh 0-2 pounds on version 4. People often don't notice this because when a Tamagotchi evolves into Ichigotchi, it will keep the weight--about 10 pounds--of the previous life stage.
  11. DIS EEZ REPLY NUMBAR 60! Anyway... Osama married... Wooltchi. Uh... Wooltchi is a BOY on the Tama-Go! Naaasty. Speaking of Tama-Go, the Hoshitchi on my black Tama-Go now has three training points and became Shelltchi. What a surprise! I hope I get a Makiko... Chama turned 5... but I used a time trick to make her turn 6! She married a Necktietchi. Seth now has 8 training points. Woot! I hope he becomes Zukyutchi. I like Zukyutchi. Schnitzel evolved into an ADORABLE... blob with a beak and a tail. What is his name? Not sure... but he is SO cute! Tangy has been having fun, using the microphone to sing "Lovely Day". Sigh... tomorrow she will get her final happy symbol and leave. I will miss her. :'< WHO SAYS I WILL LEAVE? You will get married, leave your baby with me, and go to Tamagotchi World. I'm not going to leave my baby with you, not how YOU treated me! Not cleaning up 2-day-old doo! SHEESH. And I'm an UGLY blob with a beak and a tail! You're cute. ♥ I'm cuter. I am the almighty SHELLTCHI! I am cuter! Everyone knows Chamametchi is cute... but WHY did EMF force me to marry such an ugly Necktietchi? Necktietchi is ADORABLE. But I am the cutest. >8D What could be cuter than a kuchipatchi in a space suit? I'M THE CUTEST CHAMAMETCHI IN DA WORLD! But you have a hideous husband, so I'M the cutest! That's enough everyone. You're all cute! ... except Schnitzel. XD HEY! I THOUGHT YOU SAID I WAS CUTE! >8( ~ EMF
  12. Yay! Hopefully I will be able to use my other account again! =D

    1. TamaLove754


      I'm glad to see things are getting better after your other getting hacked.

    2. GotchiGuardian
  13. Freaky! On my Eternal Mametchi Fan profile it says... "Last Active: TODAY." O_O'' Phooey, my email says "Your account has been blocked!" =O Good news... Tangy became... UWASATCHI! I am so happy I could scream! She's one of my favorite characters! I guess I like characters that look like they're wearing big hats... Perotchi, Uwasatchi... I think I like Uwasatchi more than Perotchi now! ** Writes a story called Uwasatchi Dreams ** She adopted the final Tama Pet, Hapihapitchi! Well, Seth now has 6 training points and evolved into Young Androtchi. His teacher is Miss Flower. I got BATTERIES! I am now running my blue Tama-Go with a 4-year-old Chamametchi at generation 25. I forgot her name... I'll just call her Chama. I also started running my black Tama-Go with Macaroni the Kuromametchi and his wife, Lovelitchi. I made them leave their daughter, and she is now a Hoshitchi at generation 5. Training points: Zero. Nothing is going on with Osama but the matchmaker might come for him tomorrow. Sheesh, I just found out Kiwitchi is gained by horrible care! Fooey. Time for another conversation! And thanks to Ayan300 for her fan mail! I'll now use black for my black Tama-Go, and green for my blue tama-Go even though it isn't green. Hooray! You evolved into Uwasatchi! Congratulations, Tangy! Now I'm UGLY! ** cries ** At least you're adorable compared to me. >8( Aww... Seth, you're really adorable. Sure... >8( Hey EMF, why didn't you mention ME in your log? Because you didn't do anything today. >8( Lalala... hey EMF, who's the matchmaker? She will bring you a Tama to MARRY! NOOOOOOOOOO! DON'T WANNA GET MARRIED! Hey EMF, did you know I was the one who hacked your account? That's what you get for not running us for so long! WE WILL CURSE YOU FOREVER! PREPARE TO FACE OUR WRATH! I'm scared! ** Hides under the bed ** The end. Remember to tell me what you think. If you don't like Tamas talking in logs, tell me. Or you could just not read the convos. ~ EMF
  14. I reluctantly ate them... I have baked grasshoppers!