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  1. Oops, deleted you as a friend a few hours ago. I added you again though.

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  4. Checking my profile........

  5. Checking my profile........

  6. .Hi everyone this is my first diary post so here I go. Today I reset my music star, I got a little girl who sings!(she's so cute). I feed her and played with her and then she fell asleep. They say when a baby tama sleeps when it wakes up it will change. So I walked to my room for a second and when I returned she was awake. Still a baby why I thought. Then all of the sudden she changed to a Hitode-tchi. Oh by the way her names Cece! So now I'm playing with her and waiting for her to change. .I hope I did well on my first diary post! Comment me all you want! Bye!
  7. Playing with my tama