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  1. can you doodle a little gordon freeman from half life?
  2. Heyyyy! Thank you so much for clicking on this to give me a hand My sister has just set a youtube account and she is currently making minecraft videos of her and her friends on adventures and minecraft and minecraft related tutorials. It would mean a lot to me and the world to her if you could just subscribe to her channel, she is working very hard on it and it would just mean so much [info removed - site rules - please check this user's signature message for any promotion of a YouTube channel] Thank yoy so much in advance and this means so much to me and will mean a whole lot to her too you guys have an awesomr day.
  3. Happy Valentine's day everyone!!!!

    1. elephantlongtrunk


      It was Valentine's day yesterday...


  4. This one is a v little weird but I thought a girl could get pregnant by just kissing a boy XD
  5. I abouslutly love your profile pick! ^○^

  6. Hey yell! Thank you all so much for your comoments! Another thing I thought when I was little us ifor you ate too much jello you would wiggle uncontrollable. I also thought if you stare at the clouds long enough b you would see care bears jump from one to the other XD BYE!
  7. hey y'all! i am starting a log! but unlike my other one it won't all be about tamas. i will have random stuff like what i here on the news, qoutes, video game facts, stuff about anime and a whole lot more! so hopefully something in here and in future posts will brightin up you day! and hopefully i will be able to get some pics up. i dont have a whole lot to post right, but here you go: my tama p's gt married today and had a baby boy! i am calling him freddie. he turned into a turtle looking tama. i am drinking arizona tea and listening to last to know by nickleback. found this funny for no reason XD thanks for checking it out! love y'all! have a AWESOME day! sayonara!
  8. hey y'all! what do you love about video games? wether it be Zelda, Mario , sonic, or a random pc game! is it a cute little fact, did you meet someone really cool because you played online or were looking around that games fandom? or did it teach you something about real life! I would love to here what y'all have to say! thank you so much for checking this out! *Moved to Stuff We Play forum*
  9. when I was younger I thought that if you paused the tv it would mess up the show that was on. and I thought if left it paused to long that the people one the other end would get mad and leave. and omg at mametchi fan I used to think they got killed to!
  10. my tama on my tama p's almost left today but i save it from doing so intime and a bunch of puzzle pieces spelled out something so he decited to stay :)

  11. why is it that every one in ''todays b-days'' have not been on in at least a year?

    1. Rainbow Dazz

      Rainbow Dazz

      Because the vast majority of our members, like 99.9%, left TT years ago. It's a lot smaller than it used to be, but at least we all know each other now, which wasn't possible a few years ago because there were too many people.

  12. hey y'all! when I was a little girl (around 5-8, or something like that, lol) I woke up and rub my eyes, but oe really REALLY hurt. I wend done stairs and my mum and dad look at me in horror.... it turns out I had a black eye. randomly. in the middle of the night! anyways... enough about me... what weird and random stuff happened to you? so thanks so much for checking this out! love ya!!! sayonara!
  13. pighat.... that's too cute! XD :) at mametchi fan.... that made me laugh and i have no idea why XDD. AND another thing i thought was real when i was a kid is that if a bat bit you and you did not go to the ER that day you would die after 30 days... strange huh? LOL (super sorry i am not ''quoting" any of yo posts, my computer still wont let me ) thanks for commenting! :wub: