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    I love running,and I also love penguins.I like receiving messages as well,so please PM/Email me!
    Of course,I like Tamagotchi.Why else would I be here?
    I love to geek out on the internet.

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    All of them. :)
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    Crackertchi <3 Although,they're all so cute...
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    Many,many Tamagotchis...
  1. omg are you serious you are the greatest person ever omg

    1. Orandatchi


      aka the person who called me a penis

    2. SugaryGoesRAWR
    3. Eternal Mametchi Fan
  2. gurl u fabulus i look up 2 u

  3. English Mustard Makes Me Cry.But I Still Love It. :')

  4. Naw,it's 600,000! I agree about the whole Keyquest thing.Also,try your hand at a Fountain Faerie quest,or perhaps the fruit machine!
  5. I'm going to follow this topic and have an email sent to me whenever someone posts,no noone will reign for more then 5 hours. >=)
  6. You're banned because you said "cos" and you said you were stupid.
  7. I love Babydow. :)

    1. L raKC d

      L raKC d

      Omg I used to go on babydow! I don't anymore though

    2. Orandatchi


      Lol never knew about that, never will. xD

  8. ellen87621


    If you don't know what http://www.babydow.com is,please ignore this. What's your username? Mine's chinarabbit.
  9. I just might remove you from my AWSM list because of your invisible writing. >8(

    1. dazzilitchigirl


      There's invisible writing in my signature.

  10. Sipping OJ in coderdojo.

  11. LOL.Don't worry,I'm keeping this one. XD

  12. >8( Html... if you keep making new accounts, what am I supposed to call you in my AWSM list?

    1. dazzilitchigirl


      "The person who keeps making new accounts, AKA Tamagotchi V6, html etc."

  13. Oh,No! What a shame! I'd do something if I could...