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  1. It was a test... and I was disappointed at the results... lol
  2. Got my meets in the mail and it's pretty great! I managed to get it to connect with my S9, but there's really nothing much to do on the app yet. I only set my character's profile info and profile photo so far. I wonder when will they open the other locations on the app? And hopefully they'll add downloads there too and not just on the mix Stations, as I won't be back in Japan until next year
  3. To my new Meets adult Mametchi --- "You're gonna eat your homemade rice bowl, and you're gonna like it!!" LOL

    1. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      Looool eat the rice, Mametchi owo

  4. I love the Plus Color in general, though I have a few reservations with it. PROS The weather plays a role whether your character can do outdoor activities or now Some cute little small details (won't spoil, lol) Special characters (such as superhero Kuchipatchi) CONS I'm not a fan of the oldies Few characters It's difficult to get all the happy seals - they're mostly random and luck-based to get. Too much game-grinding needed to get money My cons may be pros for other people - but it doesn't really make +C any worse. It's still a fun version regardless
  5. Best thing about post-Valentines... chocolates are on sale!!

    1. SailorRosette


      Yup... and the plushies/toys. Lol.

  6. First thing you should know --- the Japanese language Kidding aside, M!xes are fun! No need to fumble with growth charts and happy items - just mix and match away!
  7. I used to be a banker, but now I lost interest.