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  1. It was a test... and I was disappointed at the results... lol
  2. Got my meets in the mail and it's pretty great! I managed to get it to connect with my S9, but there's really nothing much to do on the app yet. I only set my character's profile info and profile photo so far. I wonder when will they open the other locations on the app? And hopefully they'll add downloads there too and not just on the mix Stations, as I won't be back in Japan until next year
  3. To my new Meets adult Mametchi --- "You're gonna eat your homemade rice bowl, and you're gonna like it!!" LOL

    1. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      Looool eat the rice, Mametchi owo

  4. I love the Plus Color in general, though I have a few reservations with it. PROS The weather plays a role whether your character can do outdoor activities or now Some cute little small details (won't spoil, lol) Special characters (such as superhero Kuchipatchi) CONS I'm not a fan of the oldies Few characters It's difficult to get all the happy seals - they're mostly random and luck-based to get. Too much game-grinding needed to get money My cons may be pros for other people - but it doesn't really make +C any worse. It's still a fun version regardless
  5. Best thing about post-Valentines... chocolates are on sale!!

    1. SailorRosette


      Yup... and the plushies/toys. Lol.

  6. First thing you should know --- the Japanese language Kidding aside, M!xes are fun! No need to fumble with growth charts and happy items - just mix and match away!
  7. I used to be a banker, but now I lost interest.
  8. Haha thanks!! You can tell I'm a Potterhead. You're welcome! Yeah, I was in Japan last year and was able to visit the last Tama-Depa before they close. It is limiting, but it's still a fun version though!
  9. Yeah I don't like the luck-based games either. It's unfortunate that the m!x need to have those built-in Unfortunately there is no way of adding new content to the m!x outside Japan as there are no apps available for it and it's using an IR standard that even the older phones do not support. They closed down the last Tama-Depa store but there are m!x stations still in many electronics shop like Bic Camera and Toys 'R Us.
  10. Now the party don't start till I walk in...!!
  11. Why don't people eat clocks? Because it's very... time-consuming.
  12. What happened to the newer players?
  13. I liked many of the Hatsune Miku stuff from the Project Mirai series - the rest I find either too high-pitched or overproduced.
  14. Yes - just like smartphones, it does that to save battery. AAA batteries can only handle too much power consumption.