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  1. So I just discovered that when you propose the other tamagotchi of your choice they can say no. And if they say no your tamagotchi crys and gets angry then throws the ring away. I was stunned!
  2. Long time no post but i just Pre-ordered both tamagotchi M!x versions. I usually don't but i am particular excited over the release and decided to splurge. On the subject of the hopes to get a color Tama in America...hmm well i will always hope but on the poor response that the friends had i doubt they would take the risk. I had to hunt down a store that had them and the ones that did had a lot(and the staff had no idea what tamagotchi was, felt so old and out dated lol) But in contrast honestly i think it was due to the greyscale it was poorly received. only those who grew up with it will enjoy it for the nostalgia purposes alone. The new generation is used to color and giving them something in grey with a colorful modern shell feels odd. Just take a chance bandai america!
  3. Just pre-ordered 2 tamagotchi m!xes!

  4. Has anyone recieved there pre-order from HLJ yet? I just got mine today and the box had a HUGE hole in and and my packaging was ripped open.
  5. Found a Tama 4u preorder on eBay for 75$(that is including shipping which is free!) Tempted to get it being as it is only a little more then what I played for the normal 4u preorder. Anyone have any luck finding other preorder out? I want candy paku paku >_< I don't care about rolatchi ugh.
  6. So my backyard changed which confirms my tamagotchi is recognizing the nfc but my phone won't react so I can't send downloads. I also get cute animations on my tamagotchi when I'm trying to send things over. Anyone else have this issue and fix it to get downloads to send? Also can I order my 4U anniversary yet lol
  7. . Thanks! It still didn't work but at least I know I tried all I can xD
  8. Is your only opportunity to register when you first install it? I have been over every option and can't seem to find where to do it.
  9. Has anyone used the app and it not work then regestered there 4U and have the app work? I'm curious and mildly hopeful.
  10. True but its only like a string of flowers or something small. I would like more choosing in character placement and the opportunitie to create my own scenario. But that's just not picking. They are cute none the less :3
  11. I'm not really liking the deco sets. My reason being they (for the most part) already have pre determined spots for the stickers marked out for you. Where's the creativity?
  12. Can I pre order the 4 U anniversary yet! I must have it now owo
  13. I got it in! But no rolitchi card I honestly thought I was going to get one.