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  1. I recently got an entama (chou jinsei enjoi plus), and I'm up to gen 2 now on it, I definitely recommend the version! There are two types of entama, the normal one and the CYOI entama (the difference, as far as I know, is only that the games are different. I don't have a CYOI). The v4 is *supposed* to be the English version of the entama, and they do share a lot of similarities, so I think if you really enjoy the v4 you'd find yourself liking this one as well. It is a bit heavy with the Japanese text (mostly with the letters your tama receives), but even if you don't know Japanese it shouldn't be a problem. There are guides online that have the menu/job options translated which I find handy to use. Some differences between the entama and v4: there is a 'secret' set of hatena characters in the entama that takes a hatena dating card to unlock (which you can get with binary's free program, Enwarehouse, I believe), there is a cooking option where you can combine certain foods to make new foods (I honestly don't know why they didn't put this option into the v4), there are seasonal animations for Japanese holidays, and instead of being a shopkeeper a traveling salesman comes twice a day and brings you one item which you can buy or decline.
  2. Most people use cell phones for this purpose! Not all phones are compatible, though, sadly. Here is a list of phones that have been proven to work with tamas: I used to have an IRDA USB dongle about 10 years ago that worked quite well for me, unfortunately I lost it in a move and I've been unable to find another one for a decent price.
  3. Which do you prefer, the English connections or their Japanese counterparts? I grew up with the English connections, but now that I've tried a couple of the Japanese counterparts I have to say that they have a certain charm to them that I actually find myself preferring--like the weird characters, regional Japanese things and different colored pixels in some versions.
  4. One of my favorite activities is to look on the 'sold' section of Ebay and see what insanely high prices people pay for Tama-Gos these days lol

    1. tamastar133


      I remember people really hated those, i got mine for 9$ on amazon brand new lol. They went really cheap back then ig bc of their unpopularity. Same with the 4U, i remember seeing those 30-40$ new and i actually got my 4U for 30$ too. Inflation really benefited some of the unpopular models, although i think maybe theyre more popular now. 

  5. One of the best feelings is when you are running a tama, and you get your favorite character :)

    1. TamaGuyJayy


      Just reading this after my most recent status update *irony*. 

  6. Imgur is another good site to use! You just upload the photos you'd like on there, then there is a code that you can use to embed it any post on this forum
  7. Here is my collection! I have been collecting since the connection era, so I am the original owner of most of them
  8. Does collecting the character stamps on the 4U unlock anything over time?

    1. Rhythmless


      I think it doesn't unlock anything on the 4U, but on the 4U+ it unlocks a place that your tamagotchi can meet other tamagotchi characters and when they get close they can get married

    2. Princess Lovelitchi

      Princess Lovelitchi

      Oh okay, thanks!!

  9. The tama that I most actively play with is my Wonder Garden ON!! I get really excited to see what the different adults will look like, haha. My favorite 'connection era' tama is my Keitai Akai (some people don't like the red pixels, but I find them very charming).
  10. I just got a 4U (which I had initially skipped out on when it first released), and I'm surprised by just how charming it is?? The buttons are so snappy and responsive, and it's just a very cute and unique feeling tama

  11. Hi! I thought I'd try making a log, since I've always enjoyed looking at them. I might not be terribly active on here, but we'll see! Right now I have a Tengutchi (named Kuma, which means 'bear')! He just got married to a lovely little ninja lady today... And here is his little blob son!
  12. Okay, so I have a color tama that had some battery corrosion in it. I got the corroded batteries out and cleaned the white corrosion, but one spring is rusted, and the other is a rusty greenish looking color. Is there any way to salvage this tama? Is there anywhere I could send it off to where someone could perhaps replace the springs for me and fix it up? Or should I just consider this tama a lost cause?
  13. Generation 10 on my ON has officially BROKEN the Mametchi ear curse!! Hallelujah!

  14. Mametchi's ears are adorable, but I've had them for 9 generations (since the Mametchi grandfather of the line) on my ON! 🤪 When will this curse be lifted?

    1. Kits fur live

      Kits fur live

      The only thing that could help is: Delete all of your data, or If your Marrying a tamagotchi that has mametchi ears,Don´t marry one. That´s all That might help. Let me know if any of this works! :)