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  1. Here is my collection! I have been collecting since the connection era, so I am the original owner of most of them
  2. Does collecting the character stamps on the 4U unlock anything over time?

    1. Rhythmless


      I think it doesn't unlock anything on the 4U, but on the 4U+ it unlocks a place that your tamagotchi can meet other tamagotchi characters and when they get close they can get married

    2. Princess Lovelitchi

      Princess Lovelitchi

      Oh okay, thanks!!

  3. The tama that I most actively play with is my Wonder Garden ON!! I get really excited to see what the different adults will look like, haha. My favorite 'connection era' tama is my Keitai Akai (some people don't like the red pixels, but I find them very charming).
  4. I just got a 4U (which I had initially skipped out on when it first released), and I'm surprised by just how charming it is?? The buttons are so snappy and responsive, and it's just a very cute and unique feeling tama

  5. Hi! I thought I'd try making a log, since I've always enjoyed looking at them. I might not be terribly active on here, but we'll see! Right now I have a Tengutchi (named Kuma, which means 'bear')! He just got married to a lovely little ninja lady today... And here is his little blob son!
  6. Okay, so I have a color tama that had some battery corrosion in it. I got the corroded batteries out and cleaned the white corrosion, but one spring is rusted, and the other is a rusty greenish looking color. Is there any way to salvage this tama? Is there anywhere I could send it off to where someone could perhaps replace the springs for me and fix it up? Or should I just consider this tama a lost cause?
  7. Generation 10 on my ON has officially BROKEN the Mametchi ear curse!! Hallelujah!

  8. Mametchi's ears are adorable, but I've had them for 9 generations (since the Mametchi grandfather of the line) on my ON! 🤪 When will this curse be lifted?

    1. Kits fur live

      Kits fur live

      The only thing that could help is: Delete all of your data, or If your Marrying a tamagotchi that has mametchi ears,Don´t marry one. That´s all That might help. Let me know if any of this works! :)

  9. Has anyone else noticed that the price of tamagotchis (especially tamagotchi that have been discontinued, even in the last few years) has skyrocketed a bit lately? Or have I been out of the loop for too long and this has been a thing for a while? I've been curious if the current situation of the world has made the desire for virtual pets go up in general, or if tamagotchis have really crossed into being this high of a collector's item (which I could totally understand by itself being the reason for the inflation, since there are a lot of collectors and shell collectors out there).
  10. That sounds like a really cool idea!! I'd love to see your drawings/concepts!! 😁
  11. Spaceytchi! I miss him so much on the newer versions, he hasn't been raisable for a while aahhh. I'm also pretty fond of Kururutchi and Sumatotchi.
  12. Thank you both for your input, I really appreciate it!! 👍
  13. Hi, this isn't an ad or anything, I was just curious about something. Has anyone had any copyright troubles selling handmade pouches/cases made specifically for tamas? Or is that fine?
  14. I concur with that. Plus, the nano, in my opinion, is utterly adorable. I highly reccomend it.
  15. I've never really liked Horoyotchi. She used to be the one I ALWAYS got when I had my first tama, and I grew rather sick of her.
  16. The Spacy Brothers figures aren't gonna be released?!
  17. I'd have to say Lovelitchi and Sumatotchi, considering that (A Both of Lovelitchi's outfits are a combination of my favorite colors (sky blue and light pink) and (B Sumatotchi's skin/fur is my favorite color (sky blue).
  18. I can't find my Big Hero 6 DVD and I really wanna watch it .--.

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    2. *Hayden*


      illegal internet downloads


    3. MarshyMellow


      And don't forget YouTube's C&D nazis..

    4. Princess Lovelitchi
  19. All my yes! The world needs all the Sumatotchi it can get.
  20. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG MUSIC kdfdksfsnfdslfdlsjdfsljf It's awesome Some of my favorite songs are: Sonic Boom (not the tv show, mind you, but the song), Escape From The CIty, and basically the whole Sonic Heroes soundtrack...
  21. Led through the mist, by the milk light of moon...all that was lost, is revealed...

  22. Over the Garden Wall Tamagotchi! (all of the eipsodes with Englishs subs would be absolutely terrific; I actually had a dream that all of the eps with subs were put on Netflix and was dissapointed when I woke up and found it not so) The TMGC movies Animal Crossing: The Movie Big Hero 6 Hamtaro (all the eps with english subs!) Darkwing Duck Ducktales
  23. I'm just so glad that I can finally play the tamagotchi app! I've been playing it a lot! I really hope they release the Angel app too because I never got to to play it <3