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  1. I like the fact it's not a color screen, keeping to the oldschool ways... That being said, as I've mentioned in another post I do not like how the packaging and logo are so girly!!! Wth bandai!
  2. Yeah the actual tamagotchi 4U itself looks like it could be neutral but I mean the advertisements etc. that I see online are obviously showing bandai's attempt to market it towards girls
  3. Hey! I'm a huge fan of tamagotchis.. The only thing is, I've noticed that bandai are marketing tamagotchi for girls now. I miss the old days when tamagotchi was neutral! I can see how it works for girls with all the small charms available to add on to your tamas etc. and there's nothing wrong with siding with one gender it's just a bit embarrassing for me, a 24 year old who loves tamagotchis, to want to continue my collection and continue playing when they're clearly marketed for girls! For example, I took a look at the new Tamagotchi 4U.. I was so upset to see how it seems to be exclusively for girls. The original days of tamagotchi didn't seem to appeal to one particular gender. Does anyone else feel the same? I don't understand why they would make it for girls only? It sort of takes the fun out of it now that it's trying to appeal to only one gender. Don't get me wrong, I know some guys who don't have a problem with it, but for me it's just a bit weird to get into the current modern tamagotchi world as a male. I wonder why bandai started marketing Tamagotchi for girls? Perhaps it's the culture of things in Japan that allows them to continue selling tamas by offering all these little accessories to personalize them. I hope one day they start marketing a new tamagotchi as neutral, not just for one specific gender.
  4. So Tama Life... its a new tamagotchi for the Western world or is it just a new name to brand tamagotchi stuff?
  5. I'm seeing a lot of cool art work here, this isn't really tama related but its a square pizza gif i made yesterday lol:
  6. got both my ID L's and a few nanos!! My tama-go said bye bye and diablo 3 has been AMAZINGGgGgGgG!

  7. Heres some new stuff i got in the mail! Osutchi + Mesutchi, Genjitch, (forest tama), blue v1, blue iD L! (all of these are going towards the collection, i have a white iD L im expecting soon so i can play with it, looking at it from the box, it kinda looks like a big bar of soap lol
  8. YEahHHH!!! Got my blue iD L in the mail with some other stuff!!

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    2. kuchipatchi.is.blue55


      Yaaaay!!! Congrats! :D

    3. ayan300


      Enjoy your ID L! :)

    4. ichiro.malfoy


      You're gonna love the iD L. I have the white one and was thinking of buying the blue/green one as well. Is the blue one okay?

  9. My tamago Hoshitatchi turned into a bear lol ! I saw Avengers today and every scene with the HULK was SOOOO dope

    1. ayan300


      Is the bear a chuchutchi? She kind of looks like a bear.

    2. ZootGotchi


      yup! its a chuchutchi

  10. Hey! Thanks, ya i made the sprite myself, im just experimenting with animation, im hoping to get a new laptop soon (so hard using this old busted dusty one lol) and photoshop so i can work a lot more easily. Heres another little animation i made this morning, i call it "Cuddly Poo" LOL
  11. 20th Century Boys is doOOOpe!