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    Tamagotchis! And all kinds of virtual pets, especially ones from the 90's! I love nostalgia.

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    P1 Tamagotchi of course!!!
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    Kuchipatchi! Too much sentimental feelings with that dude! LOL
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    Currently awaiting a white Tamagotchi ID L!

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    Ask me!
  1. I started up my iD-L the other day, AND I LOVE IT! its the BEST tamagotchi so far, seriously.. even tho I cant understand most of it, im getting by, and i love how everything is lit up and in COLOR! currently a Bokuhoshitchi!

  2. Just got my iD L's from JAPAN in the mail! YES! (I love how everything on the receipt from Japan is so organized lol)

    1. ichiro.malfoy


      I've got my blue and green ones too! Post a picture! :D

  3. yesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY ID L'S CAME FROM JAPAN!!!!!!! w0000000t! The seller even threw in this COOL little fabric sticker set to stick on your tamagotchi (even though its really girly) LOL Now, I'm just stuck, which one should I open ?! I'm planning to keep one boxed to keep it mint for my collection
  4. SOOOO hungry... might make some Pickled Eggs XD

  5. Haha cool! On top of my page I have a message! Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday TamaTalk!

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Happy 22nd birthday! ☺

  6. the sun is out! FINALLY!

  7. Just got a bunch of spider man comics and some hulk comics. The "All-New Spider-Man" and "Scarlett Spider" series are AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG!
  8. Just came back from seeing Avengers! IT WAS AWESOME!

  9. for a 2 hour 22 minute movie... it was awesome..... seriously.... LOVED the hulk in this movie.. the battle between him and thor was crazy! And I'm not even a marvel fanatic... it was just awesome. Recommend it 4 sure!
  10. After so many people saying its awesome, im sitting in the theatre with a large coke, popcorn and nachos waiting for it to start!! I'll let u know what i think!
  11. it sounds sooooo cool! I don't know any Japanese... But I'm sure I'll get by with the guides available online. Its shipped so I should be getting it within a week! CNT WAIT!
  12. Got another original DIGIMON in the mail! YES!

    1. SailorRosette


      Whaaa...? Lucky!

  13. Got a new addition to the collection! An original, unopened, mint in the box Digimon! So happy I got this, from the same person who sold me my other digimon thats in the shrink-plastic style of packaging. Awesome color too: clear!