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  1. I got Lovelitchi on my Tamago! I will write exactly how to get her! Remember, to get her she has to be an odd numbered generation. When she is a baby, it is okay if she goes to the bathroom on the floor once, but try not to let her go more than that. She will go every ten minutes so set a timer for nine minutes so you are prepared. Make sure her friendship is up all the way before she turns in to a toddler. When she is a toddler she will go to the bathroom every 1 hour and 40 minutes so set your timer for 1 hour and 39 minutes. Make sure she never weighs more than 12 pounds and is always fed when she is hungry. Also, you need to get her training all the way up before she is a teenager, but that shouldn't be a problem if you catch every time she goes to the bathroom. When she is a teenager, set the time on your tamago to night and make her sleep the whole time that she is a teenager, the next day, you should have Lovelitchi! I hope this helps anyone who wants to get her!
  2. How often do tamagotchis go to the bathroom on tamago? can someone list everything? (baby, toddler, teen, and adult)
  3. What would happen if I didnt have another tamagotchi to connect with?
  4. What would happen if my tamago turned into an oldie? would she be able to marry or not? what would happen if she couldn't marry, would it restart my generations?
  5. Can someone please tell me specifically how to get Uwasatchi on tamago? I know that you have to give poor care, but how much training, friendship, hearts?
  6. Can chamametchi and mametchi get married on tamago?
  7. I have a Tama-Go and I have been taking really good care of my girl tamagotchi. I have made sure her weight is down , her happiness, hunger, and friendship is up, and I have only missed her going to the bathroom three times. Do I still have a chance of getting Lovelitchi even though I missed it three times? :DThanks for your help!
  8. I am trying to get my tamago character's training bar all the was full, can somebody give me a list of when to praise or give it a time out?
  9. When I praise my tamago sometimes in makes a different noise, what does this mean? Please help!
  10. If I have a boy tamago with 6 training, but everything else is perfect, what character will I get?
  11. I think there is a secret character you can get on tamago right? That one in the shop that has the hat looking thing on. But how do I unlock it? PLEASE HELP!!!
  12. How often does a toddler do the potty dance? I have ahirukutchi.
  13. You can put more than one on at once? How?
  14. How do I get more characters on my tama-go? If I can't then why is there that little egg thing with the number of characters I have?
  15. :)Okay! Thank you! I think our tamagotchis grew up early because they are adults and they are still 2 years old.
  16. My sister and I both have a tama-go tamagotchi. We have a boy and a girl, so now that they are really good friends, when we connect them they go to the park and kiss. Will they have to get married normal time or could they get married earlier?
  17. The parents leave the next day? I will miss Bella!
  18. My tamago character gave birth to a baby but its been like 7 hours and the baby isn't a kid yet! Why isn't she growing up?
  19. Oh! When do they die?