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  1. No. i own a tamagotchi v4 and if you have two then they can get married. there is something called honey. if you ate honey then your tama would have hearts all around them. Then when you connect they fall in love and get married. (Honey is found in items, but bought in the store)
  2. My tamagotchi music star hasnt been passed by the judges yet. All the skill points are 760-770. i have tryed to be passed 6 times.. What am i judged on? ( the judge that gives me an x is the judge on the far right.)
  3. When dose the Music Star shop change the items it sells?
  4. My tamagotchi music star is four years old and has not been acceped by the judges. the first two judges have passed me bot not the last one..... My skill points are *Tone 810 *Rhythm 809 *Orignal 821 What am i doing wrong??
  5. Im not varry good with tamago's but have you paused the tama at all? has the mother left yet?
  6. Im not looking for any certain features but i want one above V4
  7. My budget is 30$ language english no restrictions
  8. Im trying to find a good tamagotchi to buy but i dont know what tamgotchis are really fun.( i only have a V4 ) I know this is just an opinion thing but anything helps!
  9. My friend bought me my first tama back in 2nd grade. I was so scared i was going to kill it. but its name was Kiki.
  10. Im thinking about getting a new tamagotchi i already have two V4s so what are some pros and cons of other tamagotchis? Thanks for any help!
  11. I need to charge my camera once it is charged i will take a picture.
  12. I need to charge my camera once it is charged i will take a picture.
  13. Well i recenty bought a new battery like one week ago and i tryd reseting it..
  14. Today my two tammagotchis got married (to each other). they are five but only one tama got a baby the other dissapered...... Anyone know what happend?