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  1. Probably just means they can't do more pre-orders because they don't have enough stock coming on the release shipment to fulfill the pre-orders and will be getting another shipment on July 31.
  2. Lower. The top one is "baby pink". I like the one you picked better!
  3. I should share this: This seller was really nice and helpful and when I asked how to get Ponnetchi he said he'd go to Mr. Donut to get the download for me (it's the only way to get Ponnetchi. it's a touch spot at the store, not a card). Now he is offering Ponnetchi as a bonus with any pre-order if you are okay with him opening the box, handling the item with gloves, and not sending it with batteries (its against Japan law after the batteries are opened or something like that). Also you need to specify your username and birthday for startup if you want him to do it this way. Most people probably won't like the idea of someone opening the box or starting it up for them, but I did it because I want to get Ponnetchi and I currently do not have a NFC device. Just an option! It's $69 and free shipping, will ship July 22 or later when Ponnetchi is available. He has various colors, but not all.
  4. The actual retail price of these in Japan is only about 52USD if going off of the official Bandai website, so I would imagine there is a markup on pre-orders on sites selling them to the US. The only exception I've seen was at HLJ, and they are only around 40 bucks on that site, but they've stopped taking pre-orders for peach, blue, and green due to high demand. The site does say that if they have more stock of those colors after release they'll open up for more orders. I think they have free shipping, but not sure. I wanted blue and pre-ordered on eBay for $69. With shipping included I'm okay with that.
  5. I finally caved in and ordered a Sky Blue one.
  6. Does anyone know if any of the online pre-orders will include the Mr. Donut coupon/touch card? Any specific sellers that will do this? The official bandai JP site says it will not be included if you order from them (weird). And to be clear, is the coupon itself a touch card? Or do you have to visit a store in Japan to get the downloadable content?
  7. I didn't see a current thread about rules for the downloadable ID-L games. I was wondering if someone could help me out. I'm trying to figure out how to play Kuromametchi's Soba Delivery game. Every time I hit a button... or don't hit a button... I just fail. Lol. Is there a source somewhere that lists where all the rules are for the minigames that you can download? Some are easy to figure out, but others, not so much.
  8. Hi everyone, I couldn't find a guide about what pets you can get in the iD-L and what times to go to Donut Park to try to meet them, so I put one together. Hope you enjoy!
  9. Hi Tama friends. I've been away from the TamaTalk forum for a few years now! (Wow, how time flies). I kind of fell out of my Tama phase that was going on at the time, but I recently discovered that the ID L has an English version (the Hong Kong release) and immediately I had to track one down. I had always wanted a Tamagotchi back in 2011 when I was really into these, but I couldn't justify the purchase for myself when it was in Japanese.I guess I quit checking forums and news right around the time the English model came out! Oooooopsie... Well now I have an English ID L with a green case (It's not the blue I wanted... seemed impossible to find, but this really pretty green color has grown on me!). I am just wondering, because I couldn't find this information anywhere. Does anyone have a list of holidays or special dates that occur on the Tamagotchi ID L? Are there holidays or special dates??? I have found the list of characters' birthdays, and I found out about Eco Day on the first of each month... but aside from that are there special events that take place on certain days? Could anyone direct me to a list, if so? Thank you! -Lion
  10. Hi there. Does anyone have a list of all the cities you can visit in the Tamawalkie? I can't find one anywhere online. I just got a Tamawalkie for my birthday and am really enjoying it, but I'd like to know what cities I'll be able to visit in the game, as I feel it will probably be a very long time before I can find this out by playing with it. Just curious to know if any cities I've lived in are in it, etc.
  11. I see an awful lot of people here worrying about what others would think of them for having Tamagotchis and Tamagotchi clothes. If you are still a K-12 student I can understand that other students can be mean about things that are different to them. However, I'm also seeing responses from a lot of adults who say they'd be embarrassed to wear the clothes, but would wear them at home. I want to say something about being yourself... it feels good, it makes you happy, and it keeps you from developing a whole array of psychological problems as an adult. If you love tamagotchis, you shouldn't be embarrassed. If you like wearing sort of strange and flashy clothes that might seem tacky to others, you shouldn't be embarrassed! It is your preference, your happiness, and your life, and anyone who will tease you for that is either just jealous that they are afraid to be themselves or is just a mean person whose opinion doesn't matter anyway. I'm a 26 year old guy and if any of these tamagotchi shirts were even remotely close to something a guy could wear, I'd wear one. I'm not ashamed to be into tamagotchis. I post pictures of them on my Facebook all the time, and my hundreds of adult acquaintances and friends don't think negatively of it. I just feel a duty to say this. I spent a lot of my youth hiding my interests and hiding who I really was because I was very different from others, but as a teenager I began to stop caring about what others thought and just express myself for who I am. As long as you are kind to others, you'd be surprised how much people are willing to accept you, even when you are very odd or different. I actually became quite respected by many people at my school for not fitting into a specific mold and being myself. My teachers admired me for that too. Don't feel discouraged to be yourself and like the things you like. There is little in life that feels better than that, and there are plenty of people who will love you just the way you are.
  12. Wooooow, "hell" is so not a cuss word. It's a mythical concept, and a very tacky one... so I believe the usage in the above simile was quite accurate... Some people around here are so easy to offend...
  13. TicTax, they certainly won't do that. That would be too cool of them. If 30 people "like" this comment, I will buy and wear the hot pants that the first girl in the picture has. Also, I'm a 26 year old dude. This is the most fun tamagotchi can be for us now.... yes I'm reduced to this... T_____T