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  1. evil looking thing with candycorn 4 ears
  2. I know on the V4 her favorite food is donuts mabye that will work?
  3. Yay!! so tama hatched into a boy I named Romax it by using the Name genarator he then hatched into a Tamatchi so cute! I'm hoping he turns into Obotchi or Young mametchi!
  4. Hmm my paparatchi isn't leaving so i'm going to start up my other V3 for now. I just reset it so It should hatch any second now!!!
  5. I don't always eat Quaker's oatmeal but when I do I eat it Quick
  6. ^Nope > is Trying to convince parents to let her buy Minecraft V has Minecraft?
  7. Hi everybody So I’ve been really board recently so I decided to make a log! I’m going to start out with my 2 V3s but this is my first log so I’m really new to this I will try to post daily at the moment I have a paparatchi and a egg so I'll start posting when my paparatchi leaves his baby!
  8. ^not really >is eating potstickers v is German or Japanese?
  9. Hm... wondering if I should start a log with my two v3s...

    1. ♥Khipmunk♥
    2. KeroPyontchi


      If they're OPPISITE gender, you should try marrying them!!

    3. What?


      Yes! Do it because it would be fun to read c: