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    I've been a Tamagotchi fan since I was 12 years old. I love playing with them, but I only have one. Sadly, I hopped on the Tamagotchi train late, and they had already died out. I can't find them anymore.

    I enjoy creative stuff like drawing, animation, writing, etc. My favorite color is blue.

    People consider me really nice, but I guess you can find out for yourself :D

    As for my interests, I like My Little Pony, Gravity Falls, Warrior Cats, and a lot more. I love roleplaying on forums, writing-style. Send me a message or check out my log!

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  1. I love this idea. Please. It would make my life easier, especially because I love logs.
  2. When I bought my first one, a v4.5, and looked online for help with characters and such. Fell in love with the logs.
  3. Update 3/12/15 At 3pm today, the Matchmaker came with a visitor! UraMametchi for my lil Cali. I accepted, having a brain fart and thinking it was a Mametchi before seeing the tail, and fireworks followed. I was sad, because now there is a chance of their kid UraMame family, and I was really hoping to try for the Other family variations, since I have not yet experienced those on my v4.5 at all. Oh well, there is always the next generation, maybe. After the fireworks, Cali was blessed with a baby girl! This will be the fourth girl in a row. Any suggestions for a name? Anyways, I took a few pictures of Cali and her baby girl. They aren't very needy, but I took them with me on a walk in the rain (they were safely secured in my pocket) and I missed a poop. I played a few games after both a robber AND a snake arrived in the mail. Her hearts are full.
  4. I love your log! I'm in the same boat as you, actually. Haven't had time to unpause my Tama since school got crazy, but this week, seeing it was my Spring Break, I let my nostalgia get to me and unpaused my v4.5! I've definitely missed it, and I, too, feel bad if I'm a bad caretaker (softie). Anyways, love your writing and hope to hear more about your adventures.
  5.'s almost been a year since I logged. I didn't realize I had paused my poor Tama for this long...but finally, nostalgia took a hold on my heart. Today, I took my v4.5 out of the drawer and unpaused. Honesty, I'm surprised it still has working batteries. I still have my UraMemetchi, Cali. She is kind of just bobbing around the screen now. I took her to her work earlier and she played the boom box job. I actually got excellent!! Bonus. She is 7 years, on 13th generation. I think that means the Matchmaker might come today. She's such a little cutie. I guess I'll find out at 3pm! I'm not feeling too well, so forgive me for the short post. I will upload some pics later.
  6. Okay, so like I said; I HAVE BEEN KEEPING RECORDS I SWEAR!!! So this will just be a quick picker-upper...? So I named Jay's kid Jo and she was the 11th generation! A beautiful baby girl. She evolved into the toddler stage of the cute little starfish Hitodetchi, then a UraYoungMarotchi. Finally, into a Tsukkomitchi. She married a UraKuchipatchi (never had that mate before!) and they had a baby girl again together! Celey, now being on 12th generation, grew into a Kuchitamatchi and then into a UraYoungMemetchi. Then she evolved into a UraVioletchi! First one ever ahhhh I loved her! She married a UraKuchipatchi and they had ANOTHER GIRL WHOOOO!!! I bestowed upon her the name Cali and she is 13th generation and the one I am currently on!! She evolved into Kuchitamatchi, then UraYoungMemetchi, and then UraMemetchi! I really want to try for Hanagatchi but I'm not sure how many gorgeous points I am going to need. I've been playing lots of Shapes and taking her to school, she hasn't gotten a job yet. I have to go look that up now!!! Ahhhh! I will include pictures soon, I finally have a phone that will allow me to take some! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for some actual good reports on our daily activities.
  7. Sorry for my inactiveness! The entire month was filled up with preparing for finals so I paused my tamagotchi so I could properly continue the growth. When I did care for it though, I made record so I will update soon.
  8. So apparently last time I updated was Monday. Sorry everyone! A good amount of stuff has happened! Jay is 5 now. And...he got a job! He works with silverware, so I think he is a chef. I always mess up on the game, though, when it flips over. It always counts it wrong? Today at 3, the matchmaker brought a...Purimatchi! This is like the fourth time a Purimatchi has married one of my boys, IN A ROW! He had a...GIRL! I am SOOOOO happy and excited! I should get to care for her when her dad leaves tomorrow night at 12. Then Saturday morning, first day of Thanksgiving break, I will have her! I have already chosen a name. I am really happy because here, we get the entire week off for Thanskgiving, so that's 23rd-1st. Lots of time! He has had his ups and downs with mail. Lots of times, he has gotten snakes and poop. More than my others. I don't remember much, because usually I write stuff down but my school just seems to be jamming us with a ton of homework before the break. I have lots tonight and three tests this is short. Thanks for the user that followed my log! I appreciate it. I did a pretty good job at balancing his stats out.
  9. Heyyyy tama-fans! Welcome again to my log! He woke up, and about 11:50, he evolved into a...Yasaguretchi! Just what I was hoping. I love his shades, earrings, and hair style. Super rockin. He is three years old! We played lots of games and went to school. His stats are between 50-75. Not the best but pretty good. Plan on playing lots over the next few days. He still hasn't graduated from school. No job, yet! Maybe he should be a hairdresser He keeps tripping all over the gosh-dang screen. Funny: 51 Gorgeous: 73 Spiritual: 51 We bought some sausage from the store, along with some grapes. The training is filled up 7/9 I believe. So yeah not too much, school has been kind of getting in the way, so I've just been having Jay tag along. Thanks for reading everyone! Please PM with feedback.
  10. I remember it clear as day... *gets into the moment* I had gotten my very first tama, a v4.5, and started it up. A girl hatched. I named her Dawn. She became a Kuribotchi, then a Ura Young Violetchi. Naturally, I thought she would evolve into a Ura Violetchi if I trained her in Spiritual points. So I did. However, to my terrible surprise, she evolved into...a Shitekitchi.
  11. Hi everyone! Today has been a pretty slow day. It has been very relaxing, though, just to have some time to raise another generation of a tama and actually being able to sufficiently care for it without school getting in the way. Btw, I would really like some feedback! Does anyone even read my log? Should I consider adding pictures? Would you guys like it if I added, like other logs, a place where my tama can talk, like so? EX: Me = color Jay = color Oh hello! Hi everyone! *burp* I need feedback! So please PM me! Anyways here it goes... We played lots of games together. I have been trying to boost his stats. I also took him to Ms. Canvas a lot. He had the chance to use a lot of items, some of them being the chest, fishing rod, lamp, clone, etc. From the chest we got +2000 points. With the fishing rod we got +2000, too. Nothing came out of the lamp. With the clone, they danced around a bit. A robber came and stole -100!! That was not nice. The Gotchi King came with more points and something else, maybe an item. I think I accidently looked away too long. We got some okay fortunes today, nothing too special. We bought some fries! Today, like I said, was relatively slow. I went to church and he came too. Laid-back, which is good.He watched two movies with me yesterday! I think he enjoyed them. Anyways, thanks for reading my short post. I'm typing fast because dinner is almost ready. Otherwise, I'd try to drone on. Remember, PM me!
  12. Okay, welcome back to my log! Very busy, so this one will be short and quick, just like the few past ones. I woke up at staying up late at the sleepover, and Jay had been awake for an hour and 15 minutes already. Whoops. He had two poops piled up and had one hunger heart depleted. A little later, he evolved into...Daiyatchi! I am sooo happy. This means I can get Yasaguretchi! And hopefully I will get a girl so it can be in that family, and not another boy...not that I have anything against those cute little boys, but five boys in a row can get annoying. The King visited various times, giving us points and a chest! I visited the shop and we bought a lot of food, including a melon, since that is Yasaguretchi's favorite snack. I have to be prepared! We used some items, including the chest and shovel. He uncovered a snake with the shovel, but we were both hoping for cake. He has never had any. Btw, on Thanksgiving, does Turkey become available in the shop? Then he used the chest and got turned into a boy! That depleted his happiness hearts, because it scared him SO much! Poor Jay... We played lots of games, and I feel better now because I'm paying a lot more attention to him. That might also be because he is one of my favorite teens. So cute! Diamonds are a girl's best friend That is basically all that has happened! He should be going to bed in 40 minutes.
  13. Hello everyone! Slow but also semi-eventful news! So at 8 am, the baby boy awoke at the same time his dad would usually have woken up at, except Elvis was no longer there! I named the baby Jay. He was pretty needy, and after about 15 minutes, since I still had to get ready, I paused him until 3rd period. He was soon sick with a skull, and it took two doses to heal him. He evolved right about 11:45-ish. I BELIEVE the toddler he evolved into is called a Kuchitamatchi. It's the blob with the duck lips, correct? The King presented him with 1000 points. He was put into pre-school! He fell asleep at 8 pm and has been sleeping soundly. I'm at a sleepover, I hope I wake up before he has to be cared for.
  14. Sorry for not updating in the past few days, been very busy. Anyways, I have been keeping track of some stuff. So here are the highlights of what have happened: o Bought muffin, pineapple, and ice cream. o Used genie and chest and got 4,000 points total. o Robber stole 800. o King gave us a pencil and a shovel. o Got two fortunes containing 3 stars for money. Played games and got +500 for winning them all. o Evolved into a Samuraitchi. o Reached 99 lbs at age 5. I am ashamed about this part. I think it's because I was sick of not only getting another boy, but forced to get one I've already had. o Matchmaker came yesterday at 3 pm and brought a Tuskkomitchi. I declined the offer. He could do better. o Fed fish when he lost happiness and hunger. It's his favorite, so I fixed him right up. He did a little dance. o King came and gave us a fishing rod and 1,500 points. o He married a Purimatchi yesterday at 7 pm and....AnOtHeR boy!!! Argh! But alas...I guess I will deal with it. o The king came again today with some points. o They both got sick with skulls! One dosage fixed them. o Tonight he leaves at 12. I am happy. Not nessecarily ready for more parenting though...I wish I had a girl...
  15. So the shop was on sale today! I bought a melon, a pear, and a fish! The King visited and gave Elvis some Honey. I now have two that I can't use. Great. Oh, also, Elvis evolved into a...Crackertchi! Which I don't understand, since both of his parents were of the other family...ugh. He graduated from Pre-School and now he has Ms./Mrs. Canvas? Just in the slight possibly that he can still become a Yasaguretchi. After all, THAT'S WHY I NAMED HIM!!! Whatever...just gonna listen to Pandora now. Today was another good day ^^ for different reasons. After I got home, we played some games because Elvis is on the chubby side. Right now he is leaning towards Glamourous by two points. It's really nice outside, so I might take him on a bike ride later in the day! Today was exhausting. I was in the hallway for 3 minutes between classes and in that time Elvis pooped, lost two hearts, got mail twice, graduated from school, etc. So I looked down when I got to my class and freaked out. Pretty hectic. So that was my day. Sorry to bore you with my life and Elvis' life. However, that IS what this log is for. KEEP READING AND IF YOU SNEEZED WHILE READING THIS BLESS YOU!