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    Tamagotchis, Wings Of fire- the dragonet prohecy, Hetalia, Homestuck, DRAGONS, Animal crossing , the internet, drawing, my little pony: FIM, The hunger games, food, anime, sleeping, not doing my homework, annoying people, voodoo (dont worry im not in a cult i just find it interesting), pokemon, and cats

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  1. name 5 things you would put in a pentagram to summon me

    1. tamagotchialice


      ice cream, a long list explaining how much we all know you want to become a magical mermaid to rescue dora only to drop her in a pit of fire on 'accident' xD, a computer with TamaTalk already loaded up and really fast, the worlds biggest sack of working tamagotchis never used, and a tamagotchi birthday cake to eat for christmas xD

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