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  2. 499! Hah, who uses IE anyways?
  3. I actually think you're probably right! Now all we have to do is get people in hospitals and stuff to play with tamas!
  4. I love Homestuck but it's such a long story I swear I'm never going to finish. XD

    1. PurplePyonkotchi00!
    2. tamagotchialice


      Same! I dont think they will stop making thme soon, though c:

    3. PurplePyonkotchi00!


      It will never end XD

  5. My mom got me these super expensive headphones for my birthday, and I was listening to music with them all the way up and my friend sent me the link to a song she said was awesome, so I clicked it and it was this insanely loud, horrible dubstep song. (Don't get me wrong, I love dubstep but this was horrible.) Guess what? It was too loud so I meant to turn it down, but instead accidentally turned the volume all the way up. Broke my headphones. To this day mom still has no idea, but it doesn't mean I don't feel horrible about it.
  6. 2. You play them all day, and when you sleep you dream about playing them.
  7. Songs from Ocean Eyes by Owl City. And MLPFiM songs. Also, call me crazy, but more old Katy Perry songs. I actually like some of her older music. (And Gangnam Style, obviously. )
  8. IDL all the way! Sure, it will take longer to save for, but IT'S IN COLOR and there's more items and places to go and more room decor and there's clothes and pets and downloadable stuff!
  9. That's pretty deep, EMF. Nice!
  10. I can't stop listening to all the songs in Ocean Eyes by Owl City. THEY ARE ALL SO CATCHY!

    1. riririn


      Me neither! I was just listening to Meteor Showers. <3

  11. -When a game you have been waiting forever for's release date gets pushed back almost 6 months. -RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF ALGEBRA HOMEWORK! -People who make fun of you for liking something. (Like MLPFiM!) -People who use hashtags on Facebook. #No, stop it! This is a great idea for a topic. Seriously.
  12. thanks Miriam! I will get better!

  13. ~*~*brohoof*~*~* also hooray, another girl who doesn't want to be called a pegasister, thank