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  1. not sure if you remember me but christ it's been ages...how have you been holding up?

    1. The Ultimate Doomer

      The Ultimate Doomer

      I recognize your username but I don't really remember much else. I just remember posting a lot of awful cringe on here.

  2. Unfortunately there will always be greedy idiots trying to cash in on 90's nostalgia by selling bootleg sub-standard garbage. pretty sure most retailers have a report system for them though as @Eozeda pointed out.
  3. i will swoop in when you least expect it and win the game
  4. Been obsessed with Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.
  5. is there a way to change your username around these parts?

    1. Nazotchi25


      I don't believe so, at least not officially supported by the forum staff.

  6. I still have mine. Bought it in 2012 from a Goodwill right before they discontinued production. Mine is very heavily modded. It can play imports and backups and it can also play online games that still have their servers up. Me and my buds play Tony Hawk's Underground 1 quite often and it's definitely a blast. Truly a great console.
  7. what has drawn me back to this website

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. FurbyTamagotchiGizmoFijits


      Actually no lol. My friend got into Tamagotchi and this website came into my mind again. Then I saw Skrillex and insta-recognized you haha.

    3. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      Ayyy XD I'm more into JoJo's Bizarre Adventure though XD

    4. AnniChu


      Well, it is a pretty cool website. :3

  8. I thought The Nutshack was so bad it was hilarious. As for bad movies, Cool Cat Saves the Kids definitely takes the cake; and this is coming from someone who sat through the entire Furby movie, multiple Teen Titans Go episodes, and other awful garbage.
  9. "cutest anime ever" sit down and let me introduce you to Air
  10. Since they're famous, they think they can get away with whatever they please. But I wouldn't trust that website at all, looks like some internet tabloid.