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  1. Hmm thats an interseting tama, I ve heard of them I think
  2. That is a very strange problem. I think the solution is just drying it.
  3. My Dreamitchi and its Band Member Mimitchi Just got married! Its a Baby Boy!

  4. Just Use This if you want:: http://musicstargen.site40.net/ I dont know if the Point Generator works yet
  5. Just two questions, do you have to have a ''Pro Debut'' in order for the matchmaker to come? Because my Shimashimatchi and his band keep failing the judging. Also can you marry a band member without Pro Debut.
  6. Yeah I'm having the same problem with mine but it never give me an O on the last judge. I practise loooooooaaaadds but my tama never went to school as a toddler. does that affect my outcome?
  7. Hi, I've been having trouble with the 3rd Judge on my Music Star. He keeps giving me X's . My tama is a Shimashimatchi and each of his skill points are at 999 points. He likes to play guitar and I gave his bands members (A Togetchi and A Mimitchi) a rum kit and a mic. Please help I keep practising and It doesnt help!! :P
  8. A really good growth chart, thanks! This helped me get a Mametchi and a Kuromametchi! *TM Edit: Topic bump - the last post in this topic was made over two and a half years ago - in October 2010 Please, try to remember to check the date of the last post to avoid bumping very old topics to to the front page of the forum *closed*
  9. Basically just do what MametchiBoyz and Orandatchi said combined because I think it's a bit of both of what they said. I got a Kuromametchi on 2nd Gen by making it have 999 Skill Points on each category but I also got a Mimitchi 1st Gen by never letting it get too stressed and not letting its hearts disapear.