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  1. i don't like you

  2. filling up your glass really quick so you can drink the fizz. dat fizz ~


    1. Orandatchi


      i don't know how to do these knots but my pockets do



  4. In hell, chocolate was never inventend
  5. Thrift Shop - Macklemore I just can't @ this song
  6. Riding a Sheep Riding a Moa Riding a Haast Eagle I'm just listening to music.
  7. ello ello ello My nighttime schedule: 9pm - Midnight: go around my house in the walking skeleton that is me, usually on my laptop Midnight - 1am: my bed is soooooo comfortable its scary 1am: Sleep. 8am: Wake up and be awesome for another day.
  8. God... some of the people at my school are pathetic. They bully others, talk behind others backs and are just plain horrible people. To le horrible boys: You're not tough, you wear skinny jeans and listen to dubstep, you should just drop out now you have no future. To le horrible girls: As soon as one of your friends leave you backchat them, and you literally destroy some people mentally, what's wrong with you? To my friends: you are all amazeballs
  9. just browsing internet explorer wearing my awesome crocs while i listen to nickelback.

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    2. Hierarchy


      no she is very talented leave her alone

    3. TicTax


      do you also view your myspace :)

    4. Hierarchy


      hellz to the yes tictax of course i do

  10. American - Lana Del Rey Such an awesome song. :3 You may be crazy You may be wild Just like a baby Spin me round like a child
  11. lets go to siberia

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    2. SugaryGoesRAWR
    3. Hierarchy


      omg yes^ let's go to chatam islands rite nao

    4. Owl


      Right meow.

  12. just drank Indian Tonic Water. dat aftertaste is stuck in my mouth x_X

    1. Owl


      What's the difference between Indian tonic water and regular tonic water...?

    2. Hierarchy


      Indian tonic water is the full name:)