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    Papakizatchi, Kuromametchi, Kunoitchi
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    None currently, but as of July 15th, 2016, I am playing the 3 corner shop games back to back.

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  1. Back again! College is a drag

    1. raichuu


      truuue thaat— TWT

  3. The magical adventure of Bobs Fanjuri.
  4. AU where everything is the same but Papapatchi is voiced by Gabriel Iglesias

    1. mashedpotatoesve


      And he met Exgangmember!Papakizatchi as a Kutchipatchi while showing off his red beetle to his then GF


      Then from across the street:

      "Ça baigne?"



    2. mashedpotatoesve


      "Hey guys, how's it goingtchi?"

      "How did you get in there, monsieur?"


    3. mashedpotatoesve









      "Urgh... WHATTCHI?!"

      "Ooh la la, eh! It's the fat and the furious!"

  5. Any advice on how to deal with a teething puppy?

    1. Tamacass


      Get a chewy toy for them! :)

    2. ksh12july34


      Take away their water for a half hour. Spray no bite spray or apple vinegar in your hand and let puppy lick it up. give them water 15-30 minutes later so that they hate the taste of the spray then put it everywhere they may chew (my puppy used to chew the walls) I know its harsh but It'll keep your walls and furniture in tact


    3. tamapalace


      get a Tamagotchi instead

  6. Completely without me What's in your head, is on your hands Completely without me I overturned, I understand Like an angel without wings Or a song that never sings Completely without me Completely without Me...