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  1. Is it sad that I haven't heard of the Tamagotchi iD till a few seconds ago .-.

  2. just started reading Inuyasha. I have a long way ahead of me -.- (like five hundred chapters)

  3. Just came back from Zenkaikon ^-^

  4. *le sigh* who knew costume making was so hard???

    1. tamagotchialice


      My big sister xD she has made my, my sisters, hers, and 4 other friends cosplays. HAND SEWN. NO sewing machine.....took forever, but got them done! this next coming anime convention she has a sewing machine and my Nepeta cosplay is almost done!!!!!

    2. Aquastarz131
  5. *sigh* I swear there must be elves living in my house or something because I keep loosing my tamagotchi and I keep needing to hatch new ones because the previous ones died!!! D:

  6. I finally found my tamagotchi!! >:D and Slenderman. Yus.

  7. I finally found my tamagotchi!! >:D and Slenderman. Yus.

  8. Oh Tumblr...always stealing my feels ._.

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    2. dazzilitchigirl
    3. SugaryGoesRAWR


      in which aquastarz131 sums up my life

    4. Aquastarz131


      Feels are intense feelings you get for certain stuff you are obsessed with~ and yus. Tumblr Fandom Style xD

  9. FINALLY!!! I have returned~

  10. FINALLY!!! I have returned~

  11. Is it wrong that I just got into Persona...

  12. Is it wrong that I just got into Persona...

  13. Otakon here I come~! ^^

  14. :33 i'm so tired i can't think of anything ironic to say.

  15. the awkward moment you cosplay, forget to wash off the make-up, and go shopping ._.

    1. Amarisje


      lol, I forgot to put on shoes today and went in my slippers to the supermarket....

    2. Aquastarz131
  16. gonna pull an all-nighter >:D

    1. .britt.


      I bet you'll regret it tomorrow! I sound like an old person....

  17. Just came back from a cosplay picnic ^^ I got to fight Link while giving Egbert a hug

    1. mew0099


      that's awesome! who did you cosplay as? c:

    2. Aquastarz131


      england in a maid dress ^^'

  18. *sigh* i had to clean my room today, and i just found out i had over 100 stuffed animals jsut lying around 0_0

  19. the worst thing about the beach is the sunburn when you get home :(

    1. Peanut05


      I know right?

  20. happy father's day~!! ^^