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  1. riririn


    I've watched Air It was good, I liked how it left an aura of mystery at the end The last episode killed me though ;_;
  2. Recently, I decided to buy a 3DS XL. I have the choice of a pink/white one or a gold/black one that comes with Zelda: A Link Between Both Worlds. I've really wanted the pink one for a long time since it is my favorite color, but the gold/black does come with a free game. Which one should I buy?
  3. My favorite games are Skyward Sword and Wind Waker
  4. riririn


    Yay I'm hooked as well XD and I'm on episode 17
  5. riririn


    I was just wondering if anyone else watches this >_< They are kind of involved with Tamagotchi http://tamagotchi.wikia.com/wiki/Aikatsu!