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  1. happy birthday for yesterday

  2. Happy birthday! :) (in my time zone, anyway xD)

  3. So I finally got a pic of Theo. here is one of Jazzy And one of Derick And one of adum One of Theo
  4. Mhm.. I have had this problem lots of times. Well I have just got to say. Say all the posatives first DONT mention any of the downside. Say to her, "They arent just for kids you know and this is a new addition its in colour!!". Sorry this may sound stupid but its how I got one
  5. I gotta agree its pretty. How should I put this. Simple.The mini is better though. If you have a chance get that too!
  6. Yay Theo got married lol such a cute couple. He got married to a
  7. YEAH I GOT MARRIED TO A Oh theo Lol Happy Couple Alert!
  8. Look at this http://www.ecplaza.net/product/electronic-pets-tamagotchi--87425-586176.html
  9. Ok yay thnx guys. So now I can go and buy it
  10. So I found this on Ebay. http://www.ebay.co.u...2#ht_500wt_1229 Umm and Im not sure about it. They have cut of half of the pic so I cant see the Bandai logo. I have never sen the design in my life! Im not sure if it is and I dont wanna look stupid . I dont really think it is its just I was gonna buy it for a friend
  11. Yes but on some of the tama's I bought off ebay had the Logo on the back. I thought they were fakes when I bought them