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  1. DigiBirds are different from Little Live Pets birds.
  2. I still don't see that app. When is it supposed to come out?
  3. Those are called KidiMiniz here in America. Choose from a cat, a dog, or a bunny.
  4. Since I have Love Muff already been made by a professional knitter, it's time to vote for which Mochimochi knitted toy is going to be knitted next!
  5. I love "Now That's What I Call Music!", as well as Mutsuhiro Nishiwaki's "A Music Box for..." series. What if they make a "Now That's What I Call Music Box!" series, using Mutsuhiro's music box songs from his "A Music Box for..." series? That would be cool.
  6. I said Mutsuhiro Nishiwaki's music box sounds more beautiful than other music boxes.
  7. Mutsuhiro Nishiwaki's music box sounds more beautiful than other music boxes.
  8. I love Bump from V2 and V3 and Mimic/Dance from V4/TF, but I don't like the firefighting game (also from V4), because all you do is push the B button to spray water.
  9. Question 1: At what time are you guys gonna be closed tomorrow? Question 2: How long will TamaTalk be under maintenance?
  10. I know some, but not a lot.